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A married couple each won the lottery by playing numbers found inside a fortune cookie!

In March of 1995, Scotty Turnbull purchased a lottery ticket at a shop in Mission, Texas. He selected his numbers from the combination on the slip of paper from a fortune cookie - 10, 24, 27, 29, 40, and 46. Later in the day, his wife Barbara bought a batch of tickets at the same shop. Inside the batch, there was a ticket which also had the same set of digits! Together, the two won a total of $1,628,946!

This has got to be the most epic battle ever fought on bicycles

During the Battle of Singapore in February 1942 the Japanese managed to invade Malaysia causing what Winston Churchill called the "worst disaster" and "largest capitulation" in British military history.

The Allied Forces imposed a trade ban on Japan, and in response, Japan invaded Malaysia to find alternative sources for needed materials to continue its war against the Allied Forces.

The Japanese army was superior to the British in close air support, armor, coordination, tactics and experience, even though they were outnumbered.

The British made a grave mistake in judgement in thinking that the Malaysian jungle was too dense and impassable. The Japanese had a plan to overcome that.

Thousands of bicycle riding soldiers were able to quietly and speedily navigate their way through the jungle and surprise the unsuspecting opposition.

They did not bring their bicycles with on the ships, but confiscated them from the citizens and retailers in Malaysia as they progressed through towns after coming ashore. This meant that there were no demands made on the Japanese war machine as they did not need trucks or ships to transport the bicycles.

These troops could quickly advance by travelling along plantation roads, foot paths and over improvised bridges. This caught Allied Forces defending the main roads and river crossings off guard.

The bicycles could travel faster than withdrawing Allied Forces and often cut off their escape, resulting in 50,000 troops becoming prisoners of war.

It can therefore be said that the bicycle troops were mostly to thank for the success of the Japanese invasion of Malaysia.


Ninjas are soon going to become officially extinct.

I don’t know what is more of an OMG Fact: that ninjas still exist, or that they're about to become a thing of the past. Now, there is only one ninja grandmaster, Jinichi Kawakami. He is the 21st head of the Ban Family, one 53 that was part of the Koka Ninja clan.

He was trained in ninjitsu as a little kid. He learned how to walk quietly, how to break into a house, how to make explosives and mix medicines, among other skills.

However, his skills will probably die with him. He has decided to not select an heir to pass the clan's secret scrolls to. This means that even though some people might learn a few ninja techniques, the ninja clans of the past will be officially forgotten.


Some awesome lists!

Frank Oz, the actor most famous for playing Yoda from the Star Wars films, also performed as at least NINE different Muppets!

Frank Oz, the actor most famous for playing Yoda from the Star Wars films, also performed as at least NINE different Muppets!

Believe it or not, Oz was born to a pair of puppeteers, and was honing his craft as part of the Oznowicz Family Marionettes troupe by the age of 12! Oz first crossed paths with Jim Henson at the age of 17 at a national puppetry convention, and he joined the Muppets, Inc. company just two years later, first performing as Rowlf the dog’s right hand. Frank invented the Sesame Street characters of Bert, Grover, and Cookie Monster and performed this trio exclusively for nearly 30 years! He was also offered the role of Big Bird, but turned it down because he hated full-body puppet performance. On The Muppet Show, Oz’s Fozzie Bear was originally intended as a main role, while Miss Piggy was supposed to be more of a secondary character. Oz’s portrayal gave such life to the character that she became one of the stars of the show, and he went from splitting time on her to playing Piggy full-time!

Frank also played Animal, Sam the Eagle, and lesser-known characters like George the Janitor and Marvin Suggs. Over the years, Oz and Jim Henson were quite the dynamic duo, collaborating on famous puppet pairs such as Bert (Oz) and Ernie (Henson) and Kermit the Frog (Henson) and Miss Piggy (Oz)...Oz even did the hands of the Swedish Chef while Henson worked the voice and body! These sketches were even more hilarious because Oz would typically do something unexpected with the hands without telling Henson ahead of time!

A man created a sport that combines boxing gloves with TASERS!

Mixed martial arts are the current king of the fighting hill. Michael Alexander decided it wasn’t interesting enough, however, and upped the ante. Michael designed fighting gloves that have 3 million volt tasers sewn into them. The new and improved sport is called “ShockFighting.” 

It has the same rules as mixed martial arts with the punching, kicking, and grappling with the added benefit of being shocked. The fighting isn’t all that impressive to watch. The sound of the crackling electricity when they actually make contact and connect with a punch is slightly disturbing. Alexander calls the fight style the ultimate art of extreme fighting. 

The sport is widely illegal and unpopular as it is pretty sick to jab someone with a taser over and over again. The fighters involved aren’t that great, either, since real fighters aren’t sick enough to want to taser their opponent to win. It isn’t he classiest form of fighting, let’s just say that. 



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