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It is possible to literally walk around the world in seconds!

The Geographical south pole is one of the two places where the Earth’s axis of rotation meets with its surface. It is the southernmost point on the surface of the Earth and lies opposite its jollier brother, the North Pole. 

The Geographical North Pole should not be confused the South Magnetic pole, which is nearby but based on the planet’s magnetic field. It took explorers centuries before they finally discovered the South Pole in the early 1900’s; before then, it was virtually hidden from the entire world. 

Now a days though, the exact location of the South Pole gives people the opportunity to literally walk around the world in a matter of seconds! 


Swedish wasn’t the official language of Sweden until 2009!

While many people think it must be common sense for Swedish to be the official language of Sweden, it wasn’t until 2009! Swedish is a North Germanic language that is extremely similar to other Scandinavian languages such as Danish and Norwegian.

Because of the prevalence of other languages, Swedish was not made official until 2009. While today most everyone speaks Swedish as at least a second language, almost as many people speak English. Almost everyone in Sweden speaks English because of the trade links established after World War II and a strong Anglo-American influence that was established. 

English became a mandated course taught in schools because it was so prevalent in the country. Because it is so popular, many people called for the strengthening of Swedish, thus it was officially made the language of Sweden! 



Statistics about domestic violence have revealed surprising facts. Men are not always the aggressors

If domestic violence is mentioned in any type of conversation or interview, we immediately envision an aggressive, domineering male beating up a helpless, undeserving female. Let it just be stated, before we go any further, that we do not condone nor justify any type of violence against any gender, race or age group.

Now, let us fairly dispel stereotypes. Conclusive studies conducted by Harvard Medical School, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Psychiatric Association have shed new light on women’s roles in one-sided domestic violence.

Twenty-five percent of the people surveyed admitted that there was violence present in their relationships. Twenty-eight percent of those were females and nineteen percent were males. The women in this study admitted to perpetrating 14% more violence that the men but also admitted to be more victimized than the men admitted to being.

When the violence was one-sided, both women and men said that women were the perpetrators 70% of the time. It is important to note that the women involved in this study agreed with the men on this point. Should we re-look imagery in our campaigns against domestic violence? Violence against men is just as unacceptable as violence against women and children.


Some awesome lists!

Starbucks’ white paper cups are impossible to recycle due to the plastic liner on the inside!

The white paper cups are used for hot beverages and are lined with polyethylene plastic to keep the paper intact by protecting it from the hot drink. The paper on the outside of the cup is needed for its rigidity and to keep the form of the cup. Unfortunately, the plastic liner makes the cup unrecyclable in most paper recycling systems. 

Starbucks says they continually look for other options so that their cups may be recyclable, but have yet to find anything. Their hot beverage sleeves were made to eliminate double cupping and are recyclable. They are made of 60 percent post-consumer recycled fiber. They also give a 10 cent discount when customers use their own cups instead of Starbucks’ disposable ones. 

Starbucks has also begun to offer “for here” mugs to customers who stay in the store to enjoy their coffee. They also recycle milk jugs, cardboard, and paper used by the coffee chain to store their supplies. 


Rhino horns are now injected with toxins designed to harm the human central nervous system in order to stop poaching!

In South Africa, one rhino is killed for its horn every nine hours! The horns are mostly shipped to Vietnam where the are in high demand by wealthy Vietnamese business men. What do they use this critically endangered animal’s horn for? They use it as a drink to overcome a night of over-indulgence! It is also used as a gift to seal business deals.

Even with military style protection, South Africa is struggling to keep poaching at bay and has now reverted to an extreme method to protect the iconic animals. Game reserves are now injecting rhino’s horns with poison to scare of consumer demand.

At the moment the strategy is not yet well known in Vietnam. It would be helpful if there was more public awareness of the risk of ingesting poisoned rhino horn. Because rhino horn consumption is associated with health and strength by all primary user groups, they will be concerned about poisoned rhino horn entering the supply chain.

The toxins used at South African game reserves and game farms have long-term effects on the central nervous system and on brain development. Hopefully, if this strategy becomes known, we could save the rhino from complete extinction in the future.



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