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A company called Holy Smokes will take your cremated ashes and place them in bullets!

Some people want to be buried in a cemetery, others want to have their ashes spread across an ocean, but some people, such as the founder of Holy Smokes, Thad Holmes, want to have their ashes loaded into 250 shotgun shells and used by their loved ones to hunt animals.

Thad is an avid outdoors man, and so is his son, and they both believe that the best way for his son to remember Thad is to use him once every year to hunt an animal. This simply bizarre idea evolved into a business ran by Thad called Holy Smokes.

Basically, people send the company their loved ones ashes, and in return, the company places the ashes in 250 shells (of the family's choosing) and then sends the shells back to the family to use. This one of a kind business charges $850 for their services.

After just a few months of the business being in operation, they already have a website and have had two different families use their services!


The word “Galaxy” comes from the Greek word for “milk”.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has actually had that name for a long time. Geoffrey Chaucer first named it “Milky Wey” in the 14th Century. Still, centuries before that, our galaxy was called “kyklos galaktikos” ( “milky circle”) back in Ancient Greece. The stars in space were thought to to be similar in appearance to milk. Other massive groups of stars started being referred to by the generic word “galaxy” based on the name of our own galaxy. As it turns out, the name “Milky Way” (the Greek version, at least) predates the word for “galaxy” and all other galaxies are technically being named after our galaxy, the “Milky Way”.

You will not believe the amount of food this death row inmate asked for his last meal that he refused to eat!

Has anyone ever asked you what you would eat for your last meal? More than a conversation starter, this is actually a decision death row inmates have to make before they are put to death.

Traditionally, prisons offer the inmate whatever they like for their last meal. This tradition was abolished in Texas though after one particularly extravagant request.

In 2011, death row inmate Lawrence Brewer requested and was provided with a meal that included a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, bowl of okra, meat lover's pizza, half a loaf of bread, pound of barbecue, peanut butter fudge and a pint of ice cream.

However, when the food was brought to Brewer, he declined to eat it, saying that he wasn't hungry.

This prompted Texas Senator John Whitmire to write a letter prison officials demanding that they stop this tradition. Brad Livingston, the executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice agreed with Whitmire and halted the practice immediately.


Some awesome lists!

Some LEGO employees get LEGO people business cards!

This is a very creative way to get your brand out. Some senior LEGO staff get a minifig that looks like them to hand out instead of business cards. Check out the card on the right. Pretty creative no?



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