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British Intelligence considered giving Hitler estrogen.

rWhether they were considering giving Hitler estrogen to get rid of his iconic mustache, or merely to temper his aggressive behavior, historians have discovered a plan by the British Intelligence to administer estrogen to Hitler. 

Perhaps it was decided that Hitler was unstable enough without messing with his hormones, but, in any case, the plan was not put into action. Interestingly enough, the British Intelligence did have the means and people in place capable of dosing Hitler’s food. 

One might think it might be more useful to poison Hitler, but the British Intelligence had an answer for that too: Hitler’s food was tested for poison, but estrogen, which is flavorless, would go unnoticed. Throughout history, intelligence agencies have employed or considered employing new science in secretive ways to affect politics. At one point, the CIA had a plan to poison Fidel Castro so that his beard would fall out. 

You can induce hallucinations with a ping pong ball and a portable radio!

The human brain is all about interpretation. It gathers information coming in from the senses and interprets it as something meaningful to the person owning the brain. This might be a pain response to a hot surface or a pleasure response to an appealing visual effect.

Because the brain is so heavily reliant on being fed information from the senses, when you deprive it of this flow, strange things can happen. Spend some time in a sensory deprivation tank and you will likely start to hallucinate at the very least.

But, you can achieve a similar result with some every day household items. Grab your portable radio and tune it off station until you get a steady flow of static. Now, take a ping pong ball, cut it in half and tape one half over each of your eyes. Lie down next to the radio and wait.

After a little while the brain will start to get bothered about not receiving any meaningful information from your two most powerful senses and it will start creating things on it's own.

The effect is known as the Ganzfeld effect and while results will vary per person, most folk report seeing vivid hallucinations within a few minutes.


Sean Connery could have been Gandalf!

For many people Sean Connery was the perfect and logical choice to play Gandalf before it was known that Ian McKellen would play him. In fact, it was reported that Peter Jackson even offered him the role, but he turned it down.

His reason was that he'd never read the J.R.R. Tolkien book and that he didn't understand the script. By turning it down, he lost out on 15% of worldwide receipts from the movie. That would have earned Connery as much as $400 million!

What do you think? Would Sean Connery have made a better Gandalf than Ian McKellen? 


Some awesome lists!

There is poop on the moon and there are people fighting to preserve it!

When you think of the things the first Apollo mission left on the moon, you think of the famous American flag; however, that is not the only thing that was left on the Bay of Tranquility. Neil Armstrong left a pair of his boots, a gold replica of an olive branch, tongs, four armrests, urine collection assemblies, a hammer, an insulating blanket, and... four defecation collection devices. Yes, Neil’s poop stayed back.

There’s a group of extreme heritage conservationists that are concerned about these items’ protection. They fear that one day soon, private enterprises will land on the moon and endanger the Apollo landing site. Their website says that the Federal Government isn’t concerned with their preservation right now and they want people to take action. Want to? Learn more here

There's a drug so effective at burning fat that it can cook you to death!

DNP , was first used as a weight loss drug in the 1920's. As a result, the drug's use became incredibly popular because of the incredible results that it could produce!

However, in 1938, the drug was banned by the Food and Drug Association because of the number of deaths that the drug was leading to! The drug is now used to kill fungus, but among bodybuilders, the drug is showing it's ugly face once more as a weight loss supplement.

The way DNP works, is that it blocks your body from producing triphosphate, which helps your body produce energy. As a result, your body starts to burn body fat in an emergency attempt to gain energy.

Your body tries to change it's metabolism so quickly, that if you take too much DNP, your body temperature will rise and you will begin to sweat profusely. Furthermore, your internal body temperature can reach 106 degrees Fahrenheit - and you will have literally cooked your insides, and you will die.



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