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Whale Carcasses Create Localized Ecosystems In The Abyssal Zone of the Ocean Floor When They Die!

When a whale dies in the middle of the ocean, this sinks into the bathyal or the abyssal zone of the ocean.

Then their carcasses naturally become localized ecosystems unlike bodies in shallow waters. If a whale dies in shallow waters, their body would be scavenged by other ocean dwellers.

This process is called a “whale fall”. Other deep-sea dwellers that have been seen around these localized ecosystems are: giant isopods, sleeper sharks, crabs, sea cucumbers, lobsters and many more. This was observed in the 1970’s by robotic exploration.

There are three stages of this ecosystem process of the whale fall. The first stage begins with the mobile scavengers where soft tissue is eaten from others like hagfish.

The second stage is when the animals colonize the bones and sediment around the carcass.

The third stage is when the break down happens in the bones but the bacteria does provide nourishment to some deep-sea dwellers including clams. This final stage can last up to 100 years.


Could Glowstone From Minecraft Be Real? There Is A Type of Concrete That Allows Light To Pass Through Walls!

Your dream of building your own home with materials similar to Minecraft are coming true.

Formed by a company called Litracon, this type of building material uses fiber optics and concrete to fabricate blocks into a third material that is homogeneous.

These handmade blocks use fiber optic fibers to blend into the concrete materials, so it is not only two materials mixed together; it is one new, solid, ingredient.

The maximum size of these blocks are 1200mm x 400 mm and it’s thickness is a mere 25-500mm.

These blocks come in three natural colors such as grey, white and black. All of these colors look like rocks with natural earth coloring. But if you’re wanting some odd colored glow stone to create a video game lair, you’ll have to custom request those colors!



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