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This amazing service dog saved his owner in so many ways

Service dogs devote their lives to helping humans, just another reason they are considered man's best friend.

Many service dogs have been known to do remarkable things, but there's one that grabbed global attention, and for good reason.

Endal was a male Labrador retriever in Britain, born in 1995. He almost never made it as a service dog because he was born with a lifelong debilitating joint condition called osteochondrosis in both of his front legs.

His intelligence and problem-solving abilities, however, more than made up for that, and he became a fully operational and accredited assistance dog despite the fact that he was only part trained.

Allen Parton, Endal's owner, suffered serious head injuries from the Gulf War, including 50% memory loss and inability to reliably make new memories for more than around 2 days, required a wheelchair to move, had speech and word difficulties, an inability to perceive invisible materials, and an inability to safely judge speed and distance of traffic.

What got media attention was Endal's rescue of Parton when the man was knocked out of his wheelchair by a passing car. Endal pulled Allen, who was unconscious, into the recovery position, retrieved his mobile phone from beneath the car, fetched a blanket and covered him, barked at nearby dwellings for assistance, and then ran to a nearby hotel to obtain help.

That's heroic, but Endal was dedicated before then, too. He was able to respond to over one hundred instructions and hundreds of hand signals. He could retrieve items from supermarket shelves, operate buttons and switches, and load and empty a washing machine. He was able to put a card into a cash machine, retrieve the card when the process was complete, and return the card to a wallet, the first dog to be able to do so.

This quote from Allen Parton gives a good account:

"When I couldn't talk, he learned sign language – if I touched my head I wanted my hat, if I touched my face it was for the razor. He learned hundreds of commands in signing. Eventually one day, in this very silent world we lived in, I grunted. That was like an electric shock going through him, he was so excited. They said I'd never speak again, but Endal just dragged the speech out of me." - Able Magazine

Parton states that Endal's ability to comprehend his wishes and needs showed when they first met, and was responsible for helping him recover from the initial deep depression and trauma caused by his disability.


Ireland is not the drunkest country in the world.

Contrary to all those "Irish jokes," that we hear so much this time of year, Ireland isn't the most wasted country in the world. Nope, Ireland actually ranks 15th for pure alcohol consumption among adults in litres per capita per year.

The United States, surprisingly, also isn't very high up on this list; it ranks at 53rd place. It doesn't even make the top 50! Come on guys, step up your game!

Meanwhile, the drunkest country in the world is little Moldova, where the average adult consumes 18.22 liters of pure alcohol each year. Then we have the Czech Republic in second place, Hungary in third place, and Russia in forth place.

It should be emphasized that the rankings are based on PURE alcohol consumption. It does not take into account individual drinks. For example, while it is at first place, Moldova consumes nearly half the amount of beer that 15th place Ireland consumes.


Nintendo wanted Mario to ride Yoshi since the NES. It took 6 years for technology to make the concept possible!

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur since just after the completion of the very first Super Mario Bros. game, but it took 6 years due to technology limits. 

If you’re a Mario fan, you probably know Yoshi’s first appearance was in Super Mario World, the first Mario game for the Super Nintendo. Unbeknownst to most, though, Yoshi had been around for several years already. 

Just after the first game came out in 1985, Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur in a following game, but as he explained, the technology to have a player be able to activate and hop onto a totally different control scheme just wasn’t there. 

The NES wasn’t really powerful enough. But Yoshi finally came around in 1990 (1991 in the US). To date he is one of the more popular Mario characters, and along with Wario and Donkey Kong, has had his own successful franchise. 


Some awesome lists!

There's a lizard that can drink water by standing in it!

The thorny dragon is an Australian lizard and it's the only species of the genus Moloch. It can grow up to 8 inches in length and live for up to 20 years.

These animals are colored in similar shades to their desert habitats and are covered entirely with conical spines.

One of the most remarkable parts about this little critter is that it's ridged body structure allows it to collect water from any part of it's body. It can literally stand on water and transport it to it's mouth.

Check out the source for more info on it!


Butterflies in your stomach are caused by a lack of blood!

You know that sensation you get in your stomach when the person you are completely in love with looks in your general direction or when there’s only one more muffin left and you’re afraid the person in front of you in line is going to ask for it (other than hunger) or when your being hunted by a lion in the African savanna? Those “butterflies in your stomach” are a response to stress.

When people are stressed, they experience a “fight-or-flight” response. Brain signals are transmitted to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are parts of the brain responsible for controlling bodily functions. The pituitary gland instantly signals the adrenal glands which sit on top of each kidney. Those glands release adrenaline and other chemicals into your blood stream.

The adrenaline causes rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and improved circulation of muscle so that you deal with or flee from the source of the stress (whether it be your beloved, the person in front of you in line, or a vicious lion in the African savanna).

Since blood is flowing to your lungs and muscles, less of it is reaching other organs including the stomach. This causes the light, nauseating sensation we all know and hate.



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