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A fir tree was found in a man's lungs suspected of having cancer!


In 2009, Russian doctors operated on Artyom Sidorkin to remove what they thought was a tumor in his lung. When they opened him up, they were surprised to find a fir tree growing instead! Doctors speculate that the man must have inhaled a seed that eventually sprouted and grew inside him. The growing branches were even started to cause him to cough up blood because they were puncturing his lungs!


The more afraid you are of a spider, the bigger it seems to you!

Michael Vasey, professor of psychology at Ohio State University, found in his research that if you're afraid of spiders, you tend to perceive spiders as bigger than they really are. This may feed your fear, and make it difficult to overcome. 

It has been found that spider phobia affects 1 in 6 males and about half of all females. Participants of the study were asked to estimate the size of the spiders after each encounter. Researchers found that participants who were most afraid of spiders, also estimated the tarantulas' sizes to be largest 


Volkswagen made a car that had fuel efficiency of 235 miles per gallon!

Volkswagen is a car manufacturing company from Germany, famously producing the Volkswagen Beetle, or as you may know it, the Punch Buggy. Besides making cars that are destined to create a punching war among friends and family, Volkswagen has produced a car named the L1, or rather 'the 1-litre car'.

On a single tank of diesel fuel, the car is able to drive 100km, which is an incredibly fuel efficient turn around. Don't worry, the car is completely road safe and up to all the necessary qualifications the vehicle needs to drive on the road legally.

The reason the car can get so far on such little fuel, is through a combination of elements that make up the car. The car is made of lightweight materials, designed with a streamlined body, and with an engine and transmission designed and tuned for someone who's looking to drive cheap.


Some awesome lists!

The astronauts of Apollo 11 received a per diem of $8 a day for their mission to the moon!

The Apollo 11 mission was the first that landed on the moon. The astronauts that manned it were Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

They made history. The accomplished an amazing feat. They walked on the moon! They received fame, recognition and a place in the history books.

What they did not receive was a high salary or per diem. If you look at this mission like your typical business trip, the astronauts received just $8 per diem (or about $50 in today's money). And deductions were made from this because the spaceship provided accommodations - no need to look for a hotel in outer space!

Their salary was also fairly low for their accomplishments. They were paid about $17,000 per year (or about $100,000 today). While a substantial amount, it does not reflect the men's huge accomplishments or education.


Bill Gates has donated more to charity than what number eight on the Forbes Rich List is worth.

The Forbes Rich List is pretty self explanatory. It’s a list of the richest people in the world. Bill Gates sits at number two on the list. Carlos Slim, a Mexican business magnate, sits at number one. While Gates is worth 61 billion dollars, Slim is worth 69 billion. 

Slim has been the richest person in the world since 2010. He has extensive holdings in numerous Mexican companies in areas like communication, technology, retail, and finance. However the reason he's beaten out Gates is mainly because Gates has given away so much of his fortune to charity.

Gates you probably know a bit better as the big brain behind Microsoft. From 1995 to 2007, he was ranked the wealthiest person in the world. He is best known for his work in entrepreneurship in the personal computer revolution, as well as his philanthropy. Gates established his own foundation in 2000, and has donated 28 billion dollars to charity- that’s 2 billion dollars more than what Stefan Persson, the 8th richest person in the world, is worth.



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