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Burger King will get 100% of it's food from completely cage-free animals by 2017. It costs an extra 25 cents to 40 cents per dozen to produce cage-free eggs.

It’s no secret that animals destined for the dinner plate are generally not treated very well. This is largely thanks to various campaigns to illuminate this subject, and now the push is for better treatment.

Burger King is taking a huge step to increase the living conditions of animals.

They currently get 9% of their eggs and 20% of their pork from cage-free animals. Burger King isn’t the only fast food chain to use cage-free products, but they are taking it further than anyone else. The plan is to be 100% cage-free by 2017.

This doesn’t come without cost to Burger King. They will be spending an extra 25 cents to 40 cents per dozen to produce cage-free eggs. Multiply that by the literally billions of dozens of eggs they use every year and you can see that they are taking a significant financial hit in order to do the right thing and cater to those who demand humanely produced food.

Farms now have the option to switch to cage-free production, but without their customers pushing for it, they have no reason to. It will cost them money as well.

"Our attitude is our producers believe in consumer choice and if that's what their consumers want to buy, they'll produce cage-free eggs for the marketplace provided the customer is willing to pay the additional cost," said Gene Gregory, chief executive of the farm group United Egg Producers.


A Prince was saved from being assassinated thanks to a pug!

Pompey was the well known Pug dog of William The Silent. Pompey is actually legendary. According to the legend, during a campaign against the Spanish by Prince of Orange, William The Silent, his Pug, Pompey, thwarted an assassination attempt.

One night at Hermigny, France, while the prince slept, assassins crept toward his tent. Pompey heard them and began barking and scratching to warn his master, finally jumping on his master's face to alert him to the impending danger.

This incident would link together the Pug breed with the House of Orange, and would cause the breed to be shipped to England with William and Mary, joint sovereigns of the Kingdom of England. On the monument of William the Silent, at the Church of St. Ursula, in Delft, Pompey is carved lying at his master's feet. He is the official dog of the House of Orange forevermore. Pugs can be useful after all.


Nature is a legal entity in Ecuador, and people can sue on behalf of it!

Ecuador enacted a new constitution in 2008 and in it, it became the first country in the world to codify the Rights of Nature. The constitution recognizes the rights of ecosystems to flourish and it allows people to take legal action on behalf of the environment.

Ecuador had a history of abuse with the oil industry, including a class-action lawsuit against Chevron, which led to the adoption of Nature Rights in the country. The concept that resonated in this argument was called Buen Vivir, or good living. Buen Vivir meant to live a good life in a communal sense, and the community includes Nature.

There have been a number of legal disputes that have invoked the Rights of Nature. Check the source to read more about them!


Some awesome lists!

Vin Diesel played Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years!

Vin Diesel is known for playing the 'tough guy' in most of his films, and is recognized mostly by his appearances in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Vin Diesel is also known for starring in the semi-successful film, xXx.

As it turns out, Diesel is not only a tough guy, but he is a tough guy who isn't afraid to admit that he's been playing Dungeon and Dragons for over 20 years. He's not a fake fan, either. Diesel wrote the introduction for the book 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons.

If you don't think that is enough to prove his allegiance to Dungeons and Dragons, go watch the film xXx again and look for a tattoo on his stomach that reads 'Melkor' - it's the name of his D&D character.


If you are sleep deprived you can display symptoms of psychosis without even realizing it

Getting enough sleep is very important on many levels. When we are young we often ignore the importance of sleep because we feel there is just so much to do, and so little time to do it in. Yes, life is short, but without knowing it, you may be shortening it even more by depriving yourself of sleep.

Studies have revealed that sleep deprivation can be linked to increased blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes, increased risk of fibromyalgia, seizures, obesity, aching muscles and depression, to name just a few.

Depriving yourself of sleep to study for exams is probably the most counter-productive thing you can do. Among the many consequences of sleep deprivation, its effects on attention and working memory are perhaps the most important. Strangely enough, sleep deprived people have a better short-term memory than rested people, but if you are sleep deprived your brain has to work much harder to even access working memory and logical reasoning.

If you are greatly sleep deprived, your behavior can mimic that of psychosis. This is because a lack of sleep prevents you from making an appropriate evaluation of emotional events. In turn you will react to these events inappropriately. Emotional over-reacting or seeming emotional 'bluntness' are symptoms displayed by psychotic patients.

If you don't want to come across as psychotic, and you desperately want to pass your exams, it may be a better idea to not leave things to the last minute, and to get a good seven to eight hours of sleep at night.



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