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Scientists have discovered a brand new type of cloud: the Undulatus Asperatus. Learn more

These amazing clouds are one of a few photographed examples of the rare Undulatus Asperatus cloud. Proposed as a new cloud type in 2009, the source of these clouds is still a mystery.

The name "undulatus asperatus" is latin, and translates approximately "roughened or agitated waves". They are related to the standard undulatus (wave-like) clouds, but because of their dark and stormy appearance, may be a distinct type.

The Royal Meteorological Society is currently studying the way that they form in order to determine if they are in fact distinct from the standard undulatus clouds. Standard undulatus clouds have a much tighter wave pattern, and are usually caused by destabilizing return flows.


You can scratch your throat by massaging your ear!

Ever had an itch in your throat that you just couldn't scratch? There's actually a little trick that will get rid of that annoying scratch! If you pull on your earlobe and massage it between your thumb and index finger the itch will go away. As crazy as it sounds, it actually works. 

Why does touching your ear impact your throat? Massaging the earlobe will stimulate the nerves in the ear, which will trigger a reflex in the throat. As this reflex occurs, it causes a tiny muscle to spasm in your throat, removing that annoying itch!


There is a treehouse that is over 90 feet tall!

The tree that the house resides in is 80 feet tall and over 12 feet long.

This tree comfortably holds an 11 floor, 8000 square foot, over 250,000 nail wonder that would put every eight year old's tree house to shame.

The house stands at 97 feet tall, which means that it is 17 feet taller than the tree it resides in.

The creator of the treehouse, Horrace Burgess, is 56 years old and has said that he put over $12,000 into the building of the structure.

Also, Burgess says that he is not done making his monument in the trees. He's not stopping at floor #11! Do you want to move into this treehouse? I know I do. Tell us what you think about the colossal cabana in the comments below!


Some awesome lists!

A fir tree was found in a man's lungs suspected of having cancer!


In 2009, Russian doctors operated on Artyom Sidorkin to remove what they thought was a tumor in his lung. When they opened him up, they were surprised to find a fir tree growing instead! Doctors speculate that the man must have inhaled a seed that eventually sprouted and grew inside him. The growing branches were even started to cause him to cough up blood because they were puncturing his lungs!


The more afraid you are of a spider, the bigger it seems to you!

Michael Vasey, professor of psychology at Ohio State University, found in his research that if you're afraid of spiders, you tend to perceive spiders as bigger than they really are. This may feed your fear, and make it difficult to overcome. 

It has been found that spider phobia affects 1 in 6 males and about half of all females. Participants of the study were asked to estimate the size of the spiders after each encounter. Researchers found that participants who were most afraid of spiders, also estimated the tarantulas' sizes to be largest 



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