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99% of people in Estonia have blue eyes!

If you didn't already know this, then we will tell you now - originally, all humans had brown eyes. Having blue eyes is actually the result of a mutation that one of our ancestor's would have experienced. A similar mutation exists within people with blonde hair, as we all used to have brown hair.

Ironically enough, blonde eyes are seen as particularly beautiful - perhaps because of the rarity of them in certain regions of the world, but Estonia is definitely not one of those areas. Located in Europe, Estonia has the highest percentage of citizens with blue eyes, 99%, according to Hans Eiberg of the University of Copenhagen.

Close runner ups include Germany, where 75% of citizens have blue eyes, and in Denmark, around 85%-90% of citizens are said to have blue eyes.

Researchers have all come to the conclusion that blue eyes were predominant amongst our ancestors that lived in a few regions of the world. These regions are Ireland, the Baltic Sea, Northern, Southern, and Eastern Europe, as well as certain parts of Western Asia [most notably Afghanistan, India, and Syria]

To learn more about those beautiful blue eyes some of us have, click the source!


This little guy is a 'zonkey' and is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. His story is so cute Disney wants the rights!

In the romantic city of Florence, Italy, a very rare act of love between a zebra named Martin and a Amiata donkey named Giada led to the birth of a 'zonkey' named Ippo. Martin could not contain his all-consuming love for Giada, and jumped over the fence of his enclosure at an animal shelter for abused animals. He lifted the latch of her stable door, and only 12 months later (the length of a donkey pregnancy) did everybody find out about their romantic rendezvous in the stables.

Ippo is an adorable equine with the striped legs of a zebra, but his rump and face are more donkey-like. He is the star attraction at the shelter and hundreds flock to adore him and vie for his attention. The family-run Aglietti farm takes in animals rescued from circuses or owners who treat them badly and they have been receiving requests for rights over Ippo's image from a soft-toy company and another from Disney to make a cartoon.

"We were there at the birth. First the black hooves came out, then the striped legs. We were amazed!" Aglietti said. "He is doing well. He is naughty but is very sweet with children. He is still on milk but is also eating carrots," she said.


Scientists in Florida found human remains that date back 7,000 years—and still have brain tissue!

Finding huge, significant archeological sites doesn't always have to leave you digging in the mud for months on end. Sometimes it shows up out of nowhere, by accident. In 1982 right outside the Titusville, Florida city limits, a backhoe operator discovered very old human remains.

Turns out the bones were about 7,000 years old. They belonged a little girl who was still clutching her favorite toys: a wooden pestle-shaped object and the carapace of a small turtle. That doesn't necessarily mean the bones look their age. At first, archeologists thought they were only a few hundred years old due to their keen preservation. Radiocarbon dating proved that incorrect.

Inside the skull, a dark brown, slippery material was found. After some analysis scientists learned that it was preserved brain tissue. Other skulls contained complete brains. The tissue was taken from the skulls and placed in plastic bags flooded with nitrogen gas for DNA cloning.

From the first day of excavation it became apparent that the site was one of the most intact cemeteries of 6,000 B.C.


Some awesome lists!

The tank man image is virtually unknown within China due to censorship!

The “tank man” is the nickname of an anonymous man who stood in front of Chinese tanks the day after their military forcibly removed protestors from Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

The picture was taken on June 5, 1989, by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press. The image became famous as an international symbol that the Cold War era was over. The man was identified as Wang Weilin, but it has never been confirmed. The Chinese government reports they cannot find the man anywhere.


A single greeting card that plays Happy Birthday has more computer power than the Earth had in 1950!

According to Gordon Moore, the number of transistors that can be arranged to fit on a silicon chip doubles every 18 months. This means that the number of actions a computer is able to do also doubles every 18 months.

If you would like to think about it in practical terms, the number of operations it takes a common greeting card to play Happy Birthday is more than all technology on Earth was capable of in the 1950’s! While this is amazing, scientists believe that the limit of computational power will be reached in the year 2020 because it is physically impossible to reduce the sizes of transistors and further!



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