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Bill Gates helped save Apple from bankruptcy!

In 1997, Gates and Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple. He also developed and shipped versions of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and development tools for Macintosh. Gates and Jobs made the announcement via satellite link at the Macworld Trade Show in Boston, Massachusetts. 

More than 8 million customers of Mac were using Microsoft Office on their Mac computers. It was a move meant to boost Apple popularity while making Gates and Microsoft a load of cash. Additionally, the move was done to keep anti-trust lawyers off Microsoft's back.

It seems like a lot of money to give to Apple, but Microsoft spent $450 million alone that year on WebTV. The companies both agreed to work together on Java programming language and other programming language to be user friendly and consistent with both companies. 

The investment news along with Jobs stating they would be getting new board members pushed the company’s stock up more than 40%. The $150 million investment was to be used in its core markets of education and creative content. They hoped to gain a higher percentage of its revenue from software and services from these core markets. 


Shakespeare may have smoked pot!

Some of his metaphors are starting to make a lot more sense now, aren’t they?

The clay pipe fragments from Shakespeare’s Startford-upon-Avon home were inspected by Inspector Tommie van der Merwe of the South African Police Service’s Forensic Laboratory. In them, there were trace amounts of cocaine and myristic acid-a hallucinogentic derived from plants like nutmeg, and cannabis.

Shakespeare may not have been a closeted druggie either. Several of his more personal poems reference drugs. For example, his Sonnet #76 is known as the “noted weed” sonnet. Other historical treasures that may have gotten high at one point or another: George Washington and Queen Victoria.


Kim Jong-Il claimed that he never went to the bathroom!

One of the advantages of being a dictator is that you can claim almost anything you want and have it be true. When Kim Jong-Il became the supreme leader of North Korea, he rewrote the textbooks to claim, among other things, that he never peed or poo'd because he was beyond those human functions.

He also claimed to be the best golfer ever, having shot a staggering 38 under par at a PGA-regulated 18 hole course. (In case you were wondering, that's 25 shots better than the best golf game ever played by anyone).

Another 'cute' quirk he had was a well known obsessive compulsive disorder. For example, one of the things that drove him mad was when rice was different length. He reportedly hired a staff of women to inspect rice to make sure it was the same length before cooking!

Learn more about this peculiar character at the source.


Some awesome lists!

Ricky Martin is considered a hero in helping ending modern-day slavery!

Ricky Martin is involved in several humanitarian projects including the fight against human trafficking. Specifically, Martin aids children being sold into prostitution and used in pornography. The United States Congress called Martin one of their heroes in the fight to end modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is the slavery of men, women, and children. The trafficking of people often results in selling them for sex or labor. It is becoming the number one type of trafficking, quickly surpassing guns and drugs trafficking.

It is so profitable and alluring, because unlike drugs and guns, a human can be more easily sold again and again. The whole thing is sick. Women and children are the most often trafficked, but make no mistake that this includes boys. Boys and girls are used in sex trafficking and it is hard to capture the perpetrators, because the trafficked victims are constantly moved around. When the children are picked up by police, they are often mistaken for doing the acts willingly instead of being understood as being forced against their will.


Nature is a legal entity in Ecuador, and people can sue on behalf of it!

Ecuador enacted a new constitution in 2008 and in it, it became the first country in the world to codify the Rights of Nature. The constitution recognizes the rights of ecosystems to flourish and it allows people to take legal action on behalf of the environment.

Ecuador had a history of abuse with the oil industry, including a class-action lawsuit against Chevron, which led to the adoption of Nature Rights in the country. The concept that resonated in this argument was called Buen Vivir, or good living. Buen Vivir meant to live a good life in a communal sense, and the community includes Nature.

There have been a number of legal disputes that have invoked the Rights of Nature. Check the source to read more about them!



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