Have you ever been sitting around one day, just staring at a pile of concrete and/or bricks, and then noticed little, red creatures scampering all over them? They’re called “clover mites,” or if you’re feeling especially scientific; “Bryobia praetiosa.” 

They are 0.75-0.85 mm long, oval shaped arachnids with a pair of long pointed legs that are often mistaken for antennae. They are especially common in late spring on the East Coast of America. When they’re not dancing on pieces of bricks and concrete, you can find them feasting on a wide range of plants including lawn grass, ornamental flowers, clovers, dandelions, strawberries, etc. 

Clover mites make it into the house through cracks and small openings around windows and doors. Whether indoors or outdoors, they usually like hanging out in the sunniest areas. If pluck up the courage to squash a clover mite, it’ll make sure you always remember it by leaving its characteristic red stain.