Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara, was born on the island of Zanzibar. His family was Parsi, a group tied to ancient Persia and both his parents were from India. Freddie went to India and then came to London and launched his career. He perfected his voice in India and found his success in the West. 

His voice was untrained and unpredictable which made it so beautiful. He could soar from an earthy baritone to a wild yet gorgeous tenor. Mercury was dynamite on stage. He could sing the craziest rock song and then switch to a ballad with a baby grand piano. He was insanely talented and versatile. Mercury is said to always put the music before his image, which made him so great. He didn’t settle. 

With so much money, he could have easily fixed his odd teeth. He was too worried that it would change the sound and style of his voice to do it, though. He was much more concerned with his voice than his looks.