The death of Osama bin Laden was one of the biggest new stories of last year, and looks to be a talking point in the upcoming election as well. You might remember how the news caught the whole world by surprise. Newscasts interrupted programming and speculated for hours about the gigantic news that were about to come, before they managed to get their sources and officially announced it.

A couple of people, however, knew and broke the news quite a bit before the rest of the world did. One was Donald Rumsfeld's Chief of staff. He tweeted at 10:24 that sources told him OBL was dead. This makes sense due to how connected in the military he is. However, at exact same time, The Rock tweeted out that he'd heard news that would shock the world, referring to OBL's death. Equally shocking, though, was that he knew about it before so many other connected people!

One possible explanation is that he visits troops pretty often, and he probably receives training from them for some of his movies. He seems like he's pretty close to the Navy SEALs and it's not unlikely that he has some good friends there.