Apparently his grandmother misspelled the name LaBoeuf, which means "The Beef" in French. Shia comes from the Hebrew "Gift from God," So if you combine it, you can translate his name into "Thank God for the Beef." He also told People Magazine that Shia isn't well received in France, because it sounds similar to the French "chié" which means "shat." So in France his name sounds like "I shat the beef!."

LaBeouf began his acting career after seeing a friend of his on “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” He decided he wanted to become an actor, spoke to his mom, and the next day he picked out an agent in the yellow pages. He auditioned for the agent and they signed him right then! His parents were part of the circus while he was growing up. He’s known for his role in Even Stevens on the Disney Channel, Disturbia, and Transformers.