The medical community officially calls picking your nose “rhinotillexis,” and to do it compulsively is rhinotillexomania. The act of eating the boogers after picking the nose is called mucophagy. An Austrian doctor has gained some fame for advocating the health benefits of picking your nose and eating your boogers.

He especially advocates the health benefits for children. He says that people who do it are happy, healthier, and more in tune with their bodies. The idea behind it is that by consuming the dried germ corpses it helps the body to strengthen its immune system. The doctor wants to get the word out that the taboo of picking your nose and eating it needs to be dropped.

Society should actually embrace the notion. They should also encourage children to partake in the, er, pastime. The good doctor says we’ll have stronger immune systems and we’ll be better at fighting of sickness and disease. So, cheers to eating boogers.