His name was Dashrath Manjhi, and he lived in a village near Gaya in Bihar, India. When his wife, Falguni Devi, passed away due to a lack of medical treatment, he decided to do something about it.

The nearest doctor was 70km away through mountains, and Manjhi had no desire to see anyone suffer the fate his wife did, so he single handedly cut his way through a mountain in the Gehlour hills.

He carved a 360 foot long, 25 foot high, and 30 foot wide road, so that vehicles could get through. It took him 22 years, from 1960 to 1982.

Thanks to him, the closest doctor was then only 1km away. He was given international acclaim at the time, and when he died in 2007, he was given a state funeral by the Government of Bihar. A film on his life is also in the works.