Medical marijuana is a pretty hot topic in certain states. Not so much in Colorado, however. In Denver, there are almost 400 medical marijuana dispensaries- all put there since the year 2000. Some of the locations even offer first time customers free marijuana. Apparently it’s all good for business too. 

As for Starbucks, there are 208 in Denver. Given that there are 390 (all data is as of 2010) medical marijuana dispensaries there, that means there is almost twice as many dispensaries as Starbucks. If 390 sounds like a lot though, take a look at other cities like Los Angeles, where there are over a thousand of them. 

That’s about one dispensary for every 4,065 people. Denver, by comparison, has a smaller population, thus 1 dispensary for every 1,535 people. So if you’ve got a serious medical condition (like Snoop “Lion,” apparently), you know what city to head to.