If you spend a lot of time on OMG-facts, then maybe this phenomenon is like an old friend. But even if you don’t, you’ve probably come across an obscure piece of information-often an unfamiliar name or word-and then started seeing everywhere, as if it’s following you around. 

While some people have experience Badder-Meinhof every once in a while, other can look forward to it every time they learn something new. Now while we want to think that this phenomenon is the universe talking to us, the actual reason for Bladder-Meinhof is more down to Earth. Our brains have a natural prejudice towards patterns. Now, when taking into account the words, names, and ideas that are exchanged through the course of an average day, we are bound to see the same information twice within a short period of time. 

When such a thing occurs, the brain takes special note of the intersection because they the two instances make up the beginning of a sequence. The reason all those other pieces of information don’t seem to repeat is because they don’t conform to a particularly interesting or unique pattern. 

As a result, we often don’t remember those quite as well. It’s also worth noting that continuously seeing just-learned information repeated is in itself a unique/interesting pattern, which also may contribute to why we remember those instances more clearly and place such importance on them.