If you’re not too keen on ancient Rome’s history, it’s worth knowing that Nero was a pretty sick guy. His behaviors have even led some to call him a psychopath. 

WARNING: The following is very graphic. As a child, he would put on a disguise and kill men who argued with him on their way home, dumping their bodies in the sewer. As he got older, this would prove to be the most mild thing he commonly did. Often, he would put on the skin of an animal and enter the coliseum, attacking the men and women bound to the stakes. 

Specifically, he would attack their genitals by biting and ripping them off “in a state of savage ecstasy.” He once castrated a boy named Sporus, dressed him up as a bride, and married him in a mock ceremony. He also once made many captive Christians into human torches for a garden party. Possibly strangest of all, he even tore out his mother’s womb to see where he came from. 

Then came the execution of Locusta, a female serial killer who had killed at least seven people. Nero had a giraffe specially trained to have sex with her against her will. Following that, he had her torn apart by wild animals.