Gregori Rasputin was apparently a lady’s man with a sizeable male member. There are two stories of how he was castrated after his death. The first says that his assassins castrated him and the maid who cleaned up after them found his member discarded and kept it. 

The other story says that one of his lady friends took it as a souvenir after his autopsy. Either way, the penis surfaced in the 1920s in Paris, where a group is said to have worshiped it for fertility reasons. Rasputin’s daughter, Marie, demanded that it be returned to her. 

Then in 1994 the penis resurfaced. A man in California supposedly came into possession of it after buying some things from a Dr. Ripple. Ripple was said to have been collaborating with Marie Rasputin on a hagiography of Gregori Rasputin and had inherited Rasputin’s penis after Marie passed away. It ended up being a dessicated sea-cucumber. 

Alas, another Rasputin penis showed up in the hands of a Russian doctor who opened an erotica museum. The penis has not been tested yet. The penis is 11 inches long, but Marie said her father’s was 13 inches long. Some experts think the penis on display in the museum is an ostracized organ of a horse or bovine animal.