He’s been awarded the Name of the Year award, defeating the likes of Delorean Blow and Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr. (why didn’t Senior get a nomination too). Now, you’d think that his name means something else in the Netherlands, but no, you’ll still get a few eyebrows if you sign your name as Taco Monster on a grocery receipt or phone bill. 

So how can this phenomenon be avoided in the future; how can we avoid naming our children something that will get them on a story on OMG facts. How can we lower the number of not only blatantly weird names like Taco Monster but also more subtle ones like Harry Dong? 

Well, I could give you the typical advice; test the name against every single pronunciation, accent, and insult possible. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. People may giggle at first, but when Dr.Taco Monster’s name is under his paper’s title; “The impact of antihypertensive drug groups on urinary albumin excretion in a non-diabetic population,” they take him seriously. A taco by any other name is just as delicious.