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Montpelier, VT is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonalds.

Although it seems ubiquitous, McDonald's is not really everywhere. The state capital of Vermont, which is also the smallest by population, has the unique characteristic of being the only state capital in the United States that does not have a McDonald's franchise within city limits.

If you want your BigMac fix, you're going to have to drive 4.44 whole miles to the next town over and if you want the double decker.


BMW recalled its GPS systems with female voices in Germany due to sexism!

BMW allegedly had to recall its GPS systems, because German men refused to take directions from a female voice. We’ve all gotten used to the automated voice, and it is normally a British woman’s voice for some reason. We blindly follow her instructions and talk back to her.

A communications professor from Stanford University claimed in his book, “The Man Who Lied To His Laptop,” that BMW had to recall their GPS systems, because German men didn’t welcome being directed by a female. 

Apparently, BMW received countless angry calls about the female voice, when the GPS first came out. It was explained to the customers that the female voice wasn’t a real female in the car. It was also explained that the system was designed and the directions made by men. 

The people didn’t care and demanded the voice be changed. Apparently it is a widespread problem and men don’t want to be told directions by a woman. They feel more confident hearing it said in a man’s voice. 


During the 2012 Olympics, NBC refused to broadcast a tribute to victims of terror!

Apparently, NBC thinks Americans don’t care about terrorism.

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics was an incredible event to behold.

Directed by Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later), the ceremony captured the hearts and minds of 900 million people, keeping them fully engaged throughout its four-hour run time.

However, American viewers didn’t see the same ceremony as everybody else.

NBC, the corporation responsible for broadcasting the Olympics in America, chose not to show their viewers a tribute to victims of terrorist attacks. This tribute, which paid respect to the victims of a London bombing, was replaced with an interview between Ryan Seacrest and Michael Phelps.

According to NBC, the tribute was removed because it wasn’t “tailored to the U.S. audience”.

For perspective, imagine if an Olympic tribute to the victims of 9-11 or the Oklahoma City bombing was removed in Britain on the same line of reasoning.

Following the decision, #NBCfail became a top trend on Twitter. Tribute choreographer Akram Khan expressed his disappointment with NBC’s actions, accusing the corporation of being too commercial.


Some awesome lists!

Talk about benefits: Clif Bar employees get paid to exercise for 2.5 hours every week!

Most people know Clif Bar & Company for their namesake product, the ever-popular CLIF Bar.

However, it seems this company is also a fantastic place to work.

In addition to standard benefits, Clif Bar & Co. offers a number of company-specific perks.

For example, while many corporations have an on-site gym, Clif also has a rock climbing wall, dual-purpose yoga/dance rooms, and massage rooms.

In keeping with with their outdoor-driven, health-conscious image, Clif gives employees two-and-a-half hours of paid exercise every week, complete with personal training. Employees are allowed to bring their dogs to the office and have access to counseling and life coaching.

But the benefits don’t stop there. In 2010, Clif Bar & Co. adopted an employee stock ownership program. This means that, collectively, 20 percent of Clif is owned by its workers.

Clif Bar & Co. was named one of Outside magazine’s Best Places to Work for five years in a row.

The company is owned by Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford. It is currently run by CEO Kevin Cleary.


The inventor of the snapshot camera committed suicide. His note said "my work is done, why wait."

His name was George Eastman. He was the inventor of the first Kodak snapshot camera. You might recognize the name he gave to it: the Kodak camera. In addition to being one of the first brand names invented from nonsense syllables, it also sparked a photographic revolution that is still strong today.

He was able to simplify the photography process and create a product that everyone was able to use. He also pioneered a system in which employees of the company got dividends, essentially making them part-owners of the company. Sadly, when he was 77, he had spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal. The pain for him was pretty big.

He decided to commit suicide by shooting himself in the heart. He left a short and simple note: "To my friends: My work is done. Why wait?"



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