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Do you hate your job? You are not alone! 71% of people do—but why?

How excited are you to get to work in the morning? How passionate are you about what you do? The chances are that you hate it! A new Gallup survey show that 71% of workers are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" from their work.

Now we can understand why customer service is so bad. Nobody really cares! More people are voluntarily leaving their jobs than three years ago. Good news is it means they are not being laid off or being fired. Bad news is it means that employees are discouraged, disillusioned, and uninspired.

Beefing up incentives to make them stay is not really going to do the trick, which is usually the first thing managers and HR professionals across corporate America think of when they see such statistics. But I would not want to drag myself out of bed early on a Monday morning just because I can get a free soda or a free lunch at a canteen that serves nothing I like anyway.

People want to be inspired! They want to feel they are going somewhere and they want to work toward a higher purpose. They want to feel good about themselves and their management. That will require better communication, not more perks.


Starbucks’ white paper cups are impossible to recycle due to the plastic liner on the inside!

The white paper cups are used for hot beverages and are lined with polyethylene plastic to keep the paper intact by protecting it from the hot drink. The paper on the outside of the cup is needed for its rigidity and to keep the form of the cup. Unfortunately, the plastic liner makes the cup unrecyclable in most paper recycling systems. 

Starbucks says they continually look for other options so that their cups may be recyclable, but have yet to find anything. Their hot beverage sleeves were made to eliminate double cupping and are recyclable. They are made of 60 percent post-consumer recycled fiber. They also give a 10 cent discount when customers use their own cups instead of Starbucks’ disposable ones. 

Starbucks has also begun to offer “for here” mugs to customers who stay in the store to enjoy their coffee. They also recycle milk jugs, cardboard, and paper used by the coffee chain to store their supplies. 


This man takes a bus to work and earns $90k per year. Even though he is the CEO of the tenth largest airline in the world!

Haruka Nishimatsu of Japan Airline is known as the CEO of the people. He believes a CEO should not be motivated by how many millions he makes. He feels his employees should know that he is together with them in the same boat.

"If management is distant, up in the clouds, people just wait for orders. I want my people to think for themselves." Nishimatsu told CBS News. He runs the world's tenth largest airline, but his annual salary is a mere $90,000. This is very little compared to other CEO's in his position, managing airlines. In fact, it is less than what his pilots earn!

Haruka does not just talk the talk, he also walks the walk. When the economic crisis hit his airline, he was forced to cut the salaries of his employees. But he did not just cut the salaries of the workers; he also cut his own salary! He also slashed all his own corporate perks. How many other CEOs will be willing to do the same?

He takes the bus to work and does not have a fancy office. His desk is in an open-plan office alongside those of his employees. During lunchtime he queues in the cafeteria for his lunch and eats it sitting alongside all the other employees in the lunch hall.


Some awesome lists!

Barbie and Ken got their names from the creator’s children, Barbara and Kenneth!

Barbie is the most famous doll in the world. Ruth Handler was a Denver born businesswoman in 1959 who began the Barbie enterprise. At the time, paper dolls were very popular among American girls. While in Germany, Handler ran into a 3D molded doll. It inspired her to start her own version of dolls back home in the U.S. She named her doll collection after her daughter, Barbara. 

Barbie’s forever boyfriend, Ken, was named after Handler’s son, Kenneth. The Barbie dolls shot Mattel to international prominence. Incidentally, Mattel was originally a picture framing company started by Handler’s husband. Ruth went on to be in charge of the company entirely and died in 2002. 

Her daughter, Barbara, is still very involved in the company. She even told her story on Oprah. At the taping, she presented Oprah with a one of the kind “Oprah” Barbie doll. 


The creator of Softsoap bought 100 million small bottle hand-pumps to stop competition—and it worked! This is a CRAZY story

During August 1865, William Sheppard discovered that he could mix conventional bar soap with large amounts of other liquids to create a soap with the consistency of molasses. Though it was soon commonly found in public areas, it wasn't a hit in the home.

In 1980, Robert R. Taylor sought to sell the invention, now called Softsoap, through his company. He got the idea to contain it in a bottle with a small hand pump so people could easily use it in their homes, but he knew others would copy him. He eliminated the competition by personally buying 100 million small bottle hand pumps so that competitors wouldn't be able to buy any for a year!

His plan worked! In six months, he'd established the brand name Softsoap and made $25 million!



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