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The creator of Softsoap bought 100 million small bottle hand-pumps to stop competition—and it worked! This is a CRAZY story

During August 1865, William Sheppard discovered that he could mix conventional bar soap with large amounts of other liquids to create a soap with the consistency of molasses. Though it was soon commonly found in public areas, it wasn't a hit in the home.

In 1980, Robert R. Taylor sought to sell the invention, now called Softsoap, through his company. He got the idea to contain it in a bottle with a small hand pump so people could easily use it in their homes, but he knew others would copy him. He eliminated the competition by personally buying 100 million small bottle hand pumps so that competitors wouldn't be able to buy any for a year!

His plan worked! In six months, he'd established the brand name Softsoap and made $25 million!


Walmart is leading the crusade when it comes to raising the minimum wage, but the reason why is rather sinister...

Minimum wage and product price have been fluctuating since money was invented. We welcome wage increase, but that brings price increase. The two go hand in hand. So when Walmart suggests that we raise minimum wage we are only impressed for a moment. However, our excitement and astonishment is surely soon diminished as we realize the facts and sciences behind their motivation.

While the increase in minimum wage does actually offer a small relief from high prices for a while, a deeper look will reveal darker intentions. For smaller companies that compete with Walmart, an increase in wages means hard times trying to cope with the difficulties and sacrifices needed to pay their employees more. Not only will they have to let go of many employees if they are already on the outskirts of “getting by,” but they will also probably lose the ability to provide some of the services they might be known for.

It is very easy for Walmart to declare the good in raising the minimum wage because the company could raise its pay by 100% and still not be affected by the increase. The only way to compete with Walmart is to provide nicer services and supplies, but that in and of itself implies higher wages, which is the problem smaller organizations need to avoid in order to be competitive.


Bill Gates has donated more to charity than what number eight on the Forbes Rich List is worth.

The Forbes Rich List is pretty self explanatory. It’s a list of the richest people in the world. Bill Gates sits at number two on the list. Carlos Slim, a Mexican business magnate, sits at number one. While Gates is worth 61 billion dollars, Slim is worth 69 billion. 

Slim has been the richest person in the world since 2010. He has extensive holdings in numerous Mexican companies in areas like communication, technology, retail, and finance. However the reason he's beaten out Gates is mainly because Gates has given away so much of his fortune to charity.

Gates you probably know a bit better as the big brain behind Microsoft. From 1995 to 2007, he was ranked the wealthiest person in the world. He is best known for his work in entrepreneurship in the personal computer revolution, as well as his philanthropy. Gates established his own foundation in 2000, and has donated 28 billion dollars to charity- that’s 2 billion dollars more than what Stefan Persson, the 8th richest person in the world, is worth.


Some awesome lists!

The sunrise in Myanmar. Anderson Cooper began his journalistic career by sneaking into this island country!

In 1989 Anderson Cooper was a recent graduate of Yale University with absolutely no job prospects. Even though his mother was the famous heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, he wasn't even able to get an entry level job at ABC News answering the telephones.

With a desire to break into on-air reporting, Cooper decided that he would take matters into his own hands. After convincing an art-minded friend to forge him a press pass, he snuck into the war-torn country of Burma and began to interview students leading the rebellion against the Burmese government.

He was able to sell his pieces back to the small news agency Channel One, where he had worked as a fact checker. From there, Cooper lived in Vietnam for a time and made personal interest stories about life there.

He later moved back to the more exciting life of war reporting, filming stories in Somalia, Bosnia, and Rwanda. Now, he hosts a few shows on CNN, including Anderson Live and Anderson Cooper 360.


In Dubai, you can now push a button on a fridge magnet and a pizza will be delivered to your door!

How many times per week would you order a pizza if it was as easy as pushing one button? Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has made it exactly that easy! In 2012 they launched the ‘VIP fridge magnet.’ It simplifies the convenience factor even further, making ordering take-out food practically effortless.

The magnet is pizza box shaped and has a direct 'line' to the pizzeria. All one has to do is push the button! This triggers a connection to the Internet via Bluetooth on a smartphone. Shortly afterward, Red Tomato Pizza sends a confirmation text and proceeds to deliver.

Customers can customize the default pizza order by pressing the button and ordering a different kind of pizza. Red Tomato Pizza has transformed the giveaway magnet that is traditionally handed out as a marketing tool, to also serve as a way to create sales. This magnet is designed to not only keep the brand name visible, but also actively encourage the customer to take action by pushing it, creating a sale, simply because it's designed to be placed on the refrigerator.

Red Tomato Pizza might have struck gold and may have started a new trend that could spread to other businesses in the near future.



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