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One of the main ingredients used in brewing beer is very closely related to marijuana.

This ingredient is a small flowering plant called humulus, of which the female flowers are commonly referred to as ‘hops’. Though hops are classified in the taxonomic family Cannabaceae with marijuana, they do not contain its main psychoactive component, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Hops are used during the brewing process to keep fermentation from happening too quickly. This is because hops contain an acid that inhibits the growth of bacteria, which allows brewing yeast to operate almost exclusively in the brewing process. Varying the amount of hops used can also alter the taste of the final product considerably. Drinkers that prefer a more bitter type of beer often go for varieties that are high in hops such as pale ales and bitters.

Pepsi was originally known as ‘Brad’s Drink’.

This less-than-catchy epithet was derived from the name of the cola’s creator, Caleb Bradford. A young pharmacist from North Carolina, Bradford first began tinkering with soft drink formulas in 1893. Friends and family sample his mixtures at the pharmacy’s soda fountain, and ‘Brad’s Drink,’ a combination of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, and kola nuts, becomes one of his most popular varieties.

In 1898, Caleb decided to change his product’s name to something a bit more descriptive. He purchased the name “Pep Kola” from a competitor on August 28th and changed it to “Pepsi-Cola”. This change was presumably made because he wanted to market the beverage as a potential digestive aid, similar to the way the naturally-occurring enyzme pepsin breaks down food in the stomach.

Crayola means “oily chalk”.

Back when it was known as Binney & Smith Company, Crayola was a company that produced chalk and paint pigment. Binney & Smith moved into the school supply industry beginning in 1900, releasing pencils and dustless chalk for classrooms before finally making their first crayons in 1903. Company co-founder Edwin Binney’s got the name for the new line of crayons from his wife. It’s a portmanteau of “craie” (French for chalk) and oleaginous, meaning “oily”.

Binney & Smith is now officially Crayola LLC as of 2007. Crayola is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. Crayola has also owned the rights to Silly Putty since 1977.

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