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You can't find a dead mouse in your Mt. Dew. It can dissolve them. At least according to Pepsi!

A man was suing PepsiCo for having found a dead mouse inside a can of Mountain Dew. PepsiCo's defense? That's not possible. Mountain Dew would dissolve a dead mouse. 

According to the testimony of a scientist that Pepsi submitted, Mountain Dew is so 'extreme' that it would have made the mouse carcass into something resembling jelly.

Soon after that testimony was submitted, Pepsi changed lawyers in the case. Have you found anything weird in your food? Let us know in the comments.

Update: It seems that some food experts think that a mouse actually dissolving might not be so possible. Even if it's not true, it's still a headscratcher how PepsiCo would use such a bizarre defense in court! Read about that here


A Barbie doll was sold for $302,500!

This rare Barbie was designed by jewelry designer Stefano Canturi and features a one carat pink diamond, 3 carats of white diamonds, and a diamond ring on her right hand! 100% of the proceeds from the Barbie doll was donated for research to breast cancer.

The doll is currently touring around the world throughout Las Vegas, London, and Shanghai! The previous record for most expensive Barbie goes to 1965's 'Midnight Red' Barbie at $17,091!



Some awesome lists!

It costs the US 2 cents to mint a penny!

It also costs nine cents to mint a nickle. The justification behind a coin costing more than it's face value is that since it would be used more than once, it is still worth manufacturing.

It also depends on the raw material's price at the time of fabrication. In 1981, Reagan's administration proposed making the penny from zinc. The Copper and Brass Fabricators' Council sued, saying the plan would shackle the U.S. government to the whims of capricious foreign zinc miners, since much of the zinc used in the U.S. comes from Canada. Because of the lobbying and other obstacles, it took the government two years to fully introduce the copper-plated, one-cent zinc piece, which managed to lower the price of the penny fabrication.


Starbucks recalled an ad because it reminded people of the September 11th, 2001 attacks

In April 2002, the company started hanging up posters regarding their new ‘TazoCitrus’ drinks. However, due to the placement of the drinks and a stray dragonfly, many customers complained that the poster looked eerily similar to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center!

Some people believe that they would not have made the connection to 9/11 if the slogan on the poster did not use the word ‘collapse’.



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