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A married couple each won the lottery by playing numbers found inside a fortune cookie!

In March of 1995, Scotty Turnbull purchased a lottery ticket at a shop in Mission, Texas. He selected his numbers from the combination on the slip of paper from a fortune cookie - 10, 24, 27, 29, 40, and 46. Later in the day, his wife Barbara bought a batch of tickets at the same shop. Inside the batch, there was a ticket which also had the same set of digits! Together, the two won a total of $1,628,946!

Oreo filling used to be made of pork fat!

Oreo cookies are the best selling cookies in the 20th century, selling a whopping 500 billion cookies since their debut in 1912. The annual Oreo recipe calls for 18 million pounds of cocoa and 47 million pounds of its delicious cream filling. 

That delicious cream filling used to be made of pork fat, though. Oreos are obviously widely popular, which is why their slogan was “America’s favorite cookie.” They didn’t want to be too cocky about how good their cookies were, though, and switched their slogan to “Milk’s favorite cookie.” 

The Oreo sandwich is made up of 71% crème and 29% cookie. It was created by the National Biscuit Company, now know was Nabisco. Get it? NaBisCo! Anyways, it started in New York City, but their headquarters are now in New Jersey.

They’ve maintained their number one status as America’s favorite cookie in the 20th and into the 21st century. They have changed minor things to actually make the cookie somewhat healthier, like replacing its trans fat with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. That is pretty cool.


The inventor of Bikram Yoga decided to copyright poses, and he will sue anybody who uses them without paying a franchise fee!

The Bikram method of yoga is a series of 26 postures and two breathing sequences. What makes it different from traditional yoga is that it is performed in a climate-controlled environment of 105 degrees.

Bikram Choudhury, a small man from Calcutta, ‘invented’ this style of yoga and he insists it is “the only correct way to practice yoga.”

Choudhury has taken his claim on yoga even further. He decided to sue his former student, Greg Gumucio for copyright and trademark infringement, unfair business practices and breach of contract because Gumucio broke away from Bikram and opened his own yoga studios.

Gumucio charges $8 per class whereas Choudhury charges between $15 and $25! No wonder Gumucio’s chain of studios is called Yoga to the People (YTTP).

Choudhury did not invent the poses and although yoga is a centuries-old tradition, Choudhury had copyrighted his particular version under the same protections afforded choreographers. He uses this to force competitors to pay franchise fees if they wish to use his version.

Choudhury is not a modest man. He earns about $7 million annually and has an entire collection of Rolls-Royces. He makes his opinion of himself clear when he says: "I kind of run this city. They depend on me."


Some awesome lists!

British McFlurry cups are designed to save hedgehogs!

When people would throw out the previous cup design, hedgehogs got their heads stuck in them searching for leftover ice cream. Hedgehogs were starving to death because they couldn't get their heads out. 

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (yes, it exists) had repeatedly campaigned for years against the cups, asking McDonald's to change the design. 

Finally, in 2006, McDonald's announced that after 'significant research and testing,' they had come up with a more hedgehog-friendly design that had a smaller opening and didn't let poor Sonic die if he was a little hungry. Sadly, though, hedgehogs can't taste the deliciousness of McFlurrys anymore. 


Getting fired from Disney was the best thing that ever happened to John Lasseter!

In retrospect, John Lasseter can't feel too sad for having been fired from Disney. Besides owning 358 Hawaiian shirts, his personal wealth stands at $100 million because of it!

Since he was a little boy, he dreamed of being an animator for Disney. He could not believe his incredible luck when he landed his dream job directly after leaving college. His enthusiasm was bursting at the seams, but his creative ideas were just too creative for Disney.

For people who have been drawing Mickey Mouse for ages and for many generations, his talk of computer animation and 3D characters was just crazy. He got too many people thinking, and was asked to go and play somewhere else. "It was creatively not the place I thought it was," Lasseter said.

He was scooped up by a company run by George Lucas. It was later bought by Steve Jobs and became Pixar. Lasseter orchestrated all the Pixar projects and directed Toy Story 1 and 2, A bugs Life and Cars 1 and 2.

Suddenly Disney took note! They bought Pixar for $7.4 billion in 2006 and made Lasseter the chief creative officer for both Disney and Pixar animation.

Because of the way life turns out, Lasseter can now toast his success with vintages from his own winery.



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