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Snapple Apple does not contain apple juice among its ingredients!

So what is Snapple Apple’s main fruit then?’s PEARS! Apparently authentic apple juice does not taste ‘appley’ enough to consumers, so the liquid from its pyriform cousin is used instead. But why can it be marketed as APPLE juice if it’s primarily composed of PEAR juice?? Because it’s not marketed that way. Notice the word “drink” next to juice...calling the beverage a “juice drink” means that it is not required to contain the listed and pictured fruit as its primary component.

In fact, a juice drink only needs to include as little as 5% actual juice to earn that title! Despite containing the depicted fruit, the qualifications for “fruit juice” aren’t much only has to contain 10 percent of the real deal.

Some public toilets have blue lights to make it hard for heroin users to see their veins.

The use of blue lights in some public toilets is meant to make it more difficult to see the veins on the arm. The intention behind this is that by making it harder for junkies to see their veins, they won't be able to inject themselves, and therefore lowering the illegal drug problem. This can be counterproductive, though, because it results often in heroin users having worse results by missing their veins during injection. As it turns out, addicts who have a need to inject themselves will not let simple blue light stop them. The research paper at the source concludes that blue light doesn't really deter injection, but rather increases the use of riskier methods of injection.

Despite this, the method has been adopted by certain authorities, railway stations, hostels, and hotels. What's worse, blue lights introduce even more troubles than just for heroin addicts. They've reportedly made cleaning hazardous spills harder and increased the risk of trips and falls due to the lighting being poor. Essentially, all the blue lights end up doing is deterring heroin addicts from injecting in certain locations, or if they can't, they inject themselves in riskier ways. What defeats the whole idea, though, is that most new cell phones now have a flash light feature anyway. What do you think. Should public places use blue light to deter drug use?


A married couple each won the lottery by playing numbers found inside a fortune cookie!

In March of 1995, Scotty Turnbull purchased a lottery ticket at a shop in Mission, Texas. He selected his numbers from the combination on the slip of paper from a fortune cookie - 10, 24, 27, 29, 40, and 46. Later in the day, his wife Barbara bought a batch of tickets at the same shop. Inside the batch, there was a ticket which also had the same set of digits! Together, the two won a total of $1,628,946!

Some awesome lists!

Oreo filling used to be made of pork fat!

Oreo cookies are the best selling cookies in the 20th century, selling a whopping 500 billion cookies since their debut in 1912. The annual Oreo recipe calls for 18 million pounds of cocoa and 47 million pounds of its delicious cream filling. 

That delicious cream filling used to be made of pork fat, though. Oreos are obviously widely popular, which is why their slogan was “America’s favorite cookie.” They didn’t want to be too cocky about how good their cookies were, though, and switched their slogan to “Milk’s favorite cookie.” 

The Oreo sandwich is made up of 71% crème and 29% cookie. It was created by the National Biscuit Company, now know was Nabisco. Get it? NaBisCo! Anyways, it started in New York City, but their headquarters are now in New Jersey.

They’ve maintained their number one status as America’s favorite cookie in the 20th and into the 21st century. They have changed minor things to actually make the cookie somewhat healthier, like replacing its trans fat with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. That is pretty cool.


The inventor of Bikram Yoga decided to copyright poses, and he will sue anybody who uses them without paying a franchise fee!

The Bikram method of yoga is a series of 26 postures and two breathing sequences. What makes it different from traditional yoga is that it is performed in a climate-controlled environment of 105 degrees.

Bikram Choudhury, a small man from Calcutta, ‘invented’ this style of yoga and he insists it is “the only correct way to practice yoga.”

Choudhury has taken his claim on yoga even further. He decided to sue his former student, Greg Gumucio for copyright and trademark infringement, unfair business practices and breach of contract because Gumucio broke away from Bikram and opened his own yoga studios.

Gumucio charges $8 per class whereas Choudhury charges between $15 and $25! No wonder Gumucio’s chain of studios is called Yoga to the People (YTTP).

Choudhury did not invent the poses and although yoga is a centuries-old tradition, Choudhury had copyrighted his particular version under the same protections afforded choreographers. He uses this to force competitors to pay franchise fees if they wish to use his version.

Choudhury is not a modest man. He earns about $7 million annually and has an entire collection of Rolls-Royces. He makes his opinion of himself clear when he says: "I kind of run this city. They depend on me."



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