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The Eiffel Tower is six inches taller in summer than winter!

This is largely due to the fact that steel contracts when it’s cold and expands when it’s hot. Because of the fact that the Eiffel Tower was built using steel means the engineers had to account for the shift that would take place in size.

Although it is a small difference, six inches is noticeable to those willing to take the time to measure. It also means that climbing it on foot would be just a little bit harder in the summer.


Saturn's Moons Orbit So Close They've Learned To Switch Orbits So They Don't Collide!

The moons of Saturn have a co-orbital ability to switch orbit every four years despite how close they are to each other.

The moons go by the name of Epimetheus and Janus and are less than 32 miles apart from each other.

Because they are so close to each other, they have learned to bounce each other back once they have caught up to one another.

When the inner moon is about to catch up to the outer moon, the gravitational factor boosts the momentum and then the distance of one is decreased while the other is increased. This is the process that happens every four years.

This orbit pattern was observed and confirmed by the launch of Voyager 1 that was launched in 1977 but the moon Epimetheus didn’t receive it’s name until 1983 as well as the name Janus, which had the be approved by the International Astronomical Union.


There Are 4 Planets That Have Similar Surfaces To Earth Despite Their Inabilities to Inhabit Human Life!

While there aren’t many planets that hold sustainability for life like Earth’s thus far, the gravity within a certain four planets are quite similar to ours here on Earth.

Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all possess a level of gravity that is within 15% of Earth’s gravity level. While this technically gives them an Earth-like surface, there are other factors that make them much different from our surface.

Venus is also similar in size to Earth, which is why it is our sister planet, or “twin”. While the mass, density and volume are all less than ours, the gravity of Venus is over 90%. If you ever wanted to be skinnier without doing much work, try and take a flight to Venus and you’ll automatically weigh less. You wouldn’t make it out alive! Venus has a toxic, burning atmosphere. Therefore, not inhabitable despite it’s similar surfaces.

A planet that has a not-so-similar surface would be Jupiter. It is the biggest in our solar system, which means it has the highest amount of gravity. But if you tried standing on Jupiter’s surface, it would be like walking on a massive, unstable bed. The surface isn’t solid and you would weight 2 times more!


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What Would Happen To Earth If We Stopped Spinning? You Might Want To Learn To Swim If You're In The Northern Hemisphere...

This next mind-blowing fact may be the scariest you could hear, besides anything to do with spiders, of course. Ever wondered what would really happen if the Earth stood still?

Sea level is naturally equaled out by the rotation of the Earth. If the Earth and all forces decided to stop spinning, one day would turn into the length of a year, but the year stays the same length.

Crazy, right? But that’s not even the scariest part!

The oceans would doom us to a crazy climate change and create one mega continent while the oceans migrate towards the poles. This is caused by the lack of centrifugal forces.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere of the world, you may want to learn to swim! Your resident areas would then become completely submerged in water due to these lack of forces. Maybe those end-of-the-world movies aren’t so crazy after all!


This scientific study found that, in proper doses, psychedelic drugs make you more creative!

It’s long been thought that psychedelic drugs help make you more creative. After all, how else could people think up songs like ‘I Am the Walrus’ and albums like ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’?

However, it seems this idea is more than just a stoner fable, as there is some proper scientific evidence for these claims.

In a study by San Francisco State College, five students found that drugs like LSD and mescaline do, in fact, aid the creative process.

The study, which tracked 27 males in professional fields ranging from physics and mathematics to furniture design and commercial art, found that taking psychedelic agents in proper doses can help improve one’s ability to recognize patterns, minimize outside distractions, and more easily hold visual memories.

Further, LSD and mescaline can help reduce anxiety and inhibitions, increase your ability to empathise, and increase the likelihood of having an “a-ha!” moment.

The study was published in ‘Psychological Reports’, a popular academic journal that covers psychology and psychiatry.



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