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Tylenol eases social pain as well as the physical kind. Find out why!

Your achy joins and muscles yearn for a small dose of Tylenol which is full of acetaminophen, the active drug that eases the pain. Unfortunately it's also the most commonly overdosed substance and accounts for a large amount of liver failures. Fortunately, it has a second function for when you're feeling especially rejected.

2009 research at the University of Kentucky shows that the power of acetaminophen doesn't alter your mental state, so you're able to drive a car and go to work, but it does dull the pain of social rejection, similar to alcohol. Social rejection can damage a person's health as much as smoking or obesity. And, that hurts.

Apparently, physical pain and social rejection have a common neural process and subjective component that experience distress. That feeling of a lack of purpose or uncertainty in life can actually lead to physical pain. Tylenol manages to block that unease the same way it stops pain, by affecting and blocking that neurological process.

It's not recommended you run out and buy up the drug store's stock of Tylenol for when you're feeling a little down. Too much of the stuff is still harmful and should be used sparingly to treat pain, physical that is.


Frogs use their eyeballs to eat. Really!

Frogs aren't just for dissecting in science class. The many species all have unique, fun, weird, and sometimes deadly characteristics about them that would surprise the majority of animal lovers. One of the strangest has to do with simply swallowing their meal.

As soon as they grab that succulent, unsuspecting insect, they need to blink, and it's not to keep their eyeballs from flying out. The eyelids pushes their eyes down to the top of their mouth and actually helps push the food down their throat. Talk about eyes bigger than their stomach.

Most frogs actually have teeth on their upper jaw, used primarily for keeping the prey in their mouth while it awaits the eyeball assault that pushes them down to the stomach.

If you were interested in what happened after the dinner starts its journey to the stomach, look no further than the glass frog which has translucent skin. That means you can see everything on the inside, including organs, bones, and muscles. Track that fly from the mouth, all the way to the stomach where it gets digested, like a grand tour of frog body.


Why don't ants get injured when they fall far? It comes down to simple science!

When ants fall, they do not get damaged or injured. Unlike humans, even if they fall rather high they will not die or get severely hurt. Have you ever wondered why that is?

It comes down to basic science. The fall of an object is controlled by the gravitational attraction of the Earth. A heavier object is attracted more than a light object because gravitational force is dependent on mass. The gravitational pull is opposed by air resistance, or the upward thrust of air against the falling object.

The air resistance, in turn, depends on the surface area of the body or object. The bigger the surface area is, the greater the resistance. This means that these two forces are competing against each other when something or somebody is falling.

Because ants are so light, gravity barely comes into play and because they are so tiny, there is barely any air resistance. That is why ants do not get hurt when falling—even from high places. If there is air movement, ants will merely float away.

If, however, it was possible to hurl a cluster of ants to the ground, those two forces would be more relevant and then they could be injured.


Some awesome lists!

There is an asteroid that will alter the time it takes Earth to orbit the sun. Does that mean of 'one year' will change too?

Cruithne is an Aten asteroid in orbit around the Sun in 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth, making it a co-orbital object. It has been incorrectly called "Earth's second moon" in the past; however, Cruithne does not orbit Earth and at times it is on the other side of the Sun.

It takes Cruithne about 364 days to orbit the sun, almost the same amount of time it takes for the Earth to complete it's orbit of the sun. Because of this, it appears that the Earth and Cruithne follow each other around the sun and that is why it is sometimes erroneously referred to as Earth's second moon.

It takes slightly less than a year for Cruithne to complete it's path around the sun, which means Earth 'falls behind' a little more each year. Eventually, after many years, Earth would have fallen behind so much that Cruithne will be catching up from behind.

When Cruithne does catch up, it will make a series of annual close approaches to the Earth and gravitationally exchange orbital energy with Earth. This will alter Cruithne's orbit by a little over half a million kilometers and Earth's orbit will altered by about 1.3 centimeters. This will mean that it will take us a bit more than a year to orbit the sun.


One of the first known images of dark matter. Only about 4% of the universe is made up of what we consider regular matter!

The universe is full of mind-bending facts that are just a little tough to believe. At the top of that list is the fact that atoms are nearly all empty space (99.999999999%). What's that mean for us as humans? All the matter that makes up the human race could fit in a single sugar cube.

But doesn't that mean that because of that empty space, we could potentially walk through solid objects without colliding? Unfortunately not. When two atoms try to pass through each other, the electronic shells repel each other like two negatively charged particles. Essentially, everything that contains atoms has a strong negatively charged shell around it, repelling and preventing them from passing right through one another.

Only about four percent of the Universe's mass makes up everything (people, objects, planets, etc). The rest is made up of dark matter and dark energy, completely invisible to the naked eye. This stuff fills all the empty space and repulses gravity.

You may be thinking you've seen it all, but it turns out you can't see the vast majority of mass.



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