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Ever heard that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon? It's FALSE and the myth started in 1754!

This is one of those weird rumors that refuses to die. It's become part of pop culture. In fact, when you search Google for "Great Wall of China seen from the moon," you get over 4 million results. The most interesting part is that it's a fake fact that got started way before humanity dreamt about going to the moon. 

A man named William Stukeley has the first known appearance of this myth. One of his letters written in 1754 says that " the Chinese Wall, […] makes a considerable figure upon the terrestrial globe, and may be discerned at the moon." 

This fake fact even appeared in a Ripley's Believe it or Not strop, and the Second Book of marvels. In fact, in order for the Great Wall to be seen from the mone, it would have to be over 70 miles in diameter, and have to have significant contrast with the areas surrounding it. The Great Wall is at most 30 feet wide, and of similar color to the soil around it. 

To put it in context, the width of the Great Wall as seen from the moon would appear the same as if you viewed a human hair from 2 miles away. That means you would have to be able to see 17,000 times better than a 20/20 vision!


Albert Einstein was told by a colleague to "stop telling God what to do". Here's is what Einstein told God:

In 1905, Albert Einstein left his mark in the world of quantum physics. He observed that light does not pass in a continuous stream, but rather in “packets” of energy. These packets or particles are forever changing the state in which they are in. Due to a less concrete idea of how light passes, Einstein felt frustrated that there was no real way to tell what the physical state the light or any other particles are in. In other words, it is constantly changing and cannot be determined until it has been observed.

Einstein’s colleagues were able to conduct a mathematical explanation, discussing that in quantum physics, things are probable and not certain. One of the physicists that created this explanation was Niels Bohr. Einstein needed certainty as a scientist and told Bohr, “God does not play dice” in which Bohr’s replied, “Einstein, stop telling God what to do.”

Einstein never came to terms with the fact that not everything in science has certain, concrete answers and refused to accept the quantum theory during the rest of his studies until his death in 1955.


There is a lake that drains into both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Even more surprising is where the lake is located. Though your first guess might be somewhere like Panama or Nicaragua, this lake is located in the heart of the landlocked United States- Wyoming.

It’s called Isa Lake, and is located in Yellowstone National Park. The lake sits along the continental divide at Craig Pass, and was named after Isabel Jelke. It’s believed not only to be the only lake to drain into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, but to be the only lake in the world that drains into two different oceans backwards. 

The east side drains through the Lewis River into the Pacific Ocean, while the west side drains through Firehole River to the Atlantic Ocean. Considering it's location, that's nothing short of an impressive feat. 


Some awesome lists!

Your body language influences how you think and feel about yourself, not just how others see you.

Does our body language govern how we think and feel about ourselves? Evidence suggests it does. Powerful people are more assertive, they tend to take more risks and they are more optimistic than people who feel powerless. This is expressed in body language. Powerful people open up their bodies more and make bigger hand gestures, whereas ‘weaker’ people close up their bodies and make small gestures.

On the physiological level, high powered people have higher testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels. Evidence shows that, if an individual is forced (for whatever reason) to take a leading role, the testosterone levels rise and cortisol levels drop within a few days.

Amy Cuddy conducted an experiment to establish whether faking high- or low power poses will force the body to react. The results show that just posing as if you are in a power position for two minutes, causes testosterone levels to rise and cortisol levels to drop. Using the body language of a powerless person had the opposite effect.

This proves that our bodies can change our minds and can influence how others view us, but also (and more importantly) how we think and feel about ourselves. Once our thinking changes, our outcomes will change for the better as well.


This Alaskan earthquake was one of the largest to ever happen at 9.2 on the Richter scale!

Wouldn't it be magnificent if you could knock on your door and a person on the other side of the world could hear it in their home? In order for this to happen you would have to hit the door pretty hard. In fact, your strike would have to equal the measure of force put out by around 950 megatons of TNT. Not many people can do that.

What can make this sort of impact? The Anchorage earthquake of 1964. Hitting the richter scale at around a 9.2, equivalent to 4.0 exajoules, one of the largest measurements of earthquake related energy to ever have existed on earth. A very strong punch would measure somewhere in the ballpark of 156 joules. That is 1 quindecillionth of a hexajoule. You would have to work on your swing for a very long time.

Lasting over 4 minutes, the Anchorage earthquake caused tsunamis and tremors in a massive radius including over 20 countries. Motion directly related to the earthquake was reported all over the earth. An estimated 15 people were killed immediately by the earthquake and another 129 were killed by the subsequent disasters.



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