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Iran has the highest female to male ratio in universities among all sovereign states.

In Iran, more than 70% of alumni in engineering and pure sciences are women. The country’s literacy rate is at 80% well above the 60% average for the region.

Their school system is similar to the US in that it has primary education as K-12 and higher education degrees are at 2 year, 4 year, and doctoral programs. Iranian universities graduate 750,000 skilled students annually. Women were given greater opportunities in receiving education after the Iranian Revolution. They definitely seem to use it to their advantage.


"Human intelligence may do more harm than good on an evolutionary scale" -Stephen Hawking. Why does he feel that way?

If only I had known this in high school, I could have used it as an excuse not to study. Stephen Hawking, delivering his famous lecture “Life in the Universe” in 1996, explained how we are entering into a new age of evolution and why intelligence may not be an evolutionary advantage to humans.

Hawking explains how biological evolution began very slowly through natural selection of random mutations. What he calls the “Darwinian phase” of evolution took approximately 3.5 billion years of slow and steady progress.

Next (now) we have entered into a phase of what Hawking calls “external transmission,” meaning we are not directed by the DNA inside of us but rather by the information outside of us. Language and particularly the recording of the written word beginning some 10,000 years ago, has allowed human progress to grow by leaps and bounds. Maybe too quickly for our own good.

Where this intelligence is dangerous is that we still have the same primitive instincts and aggressive impulses as we did in caveman days, only now we are cavemen with nuclear weapons and the scientific advancements to create genetically engineered viruses. “There is no time,” he says, “to wait for Darwinian evolution to make us more intelligent and better natured.”


There's a dying star zipping through our universe shedding its matter

Mira exists 200-400 light years away from Earth in the constellation Cetus. It actually consists of two stars, the red giant Mira A and the white dwarf Mira B. Both combine to create a dying star. Mira is also a variable star, which means that it's surface oscillates increasing and decreasing it's brightness.

Mira is moving through space at an extremely quick speed--291,000 miles per hour to be exact. NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has done studies of Mira and found that the star is leaving a trail of matter behind it as it goes. This tail of matter is 13 light years in length.


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New studies show that all humans will develop cancer if they live long enough! Find out why

New studies every day are informing the public of cancer prevention and causes. As it turns out, the cancer cell will eventually be in everyone's body, if the live long enough.

Cancer is a problem worldwide and although there are treatments, there is still no cure. Cancer, however, is not the same throughout the world. Cancer varies from country to country and from culture to culture. This disease is definitely carried through genetics, but one of the main factors of Cancer are the environment you live in.

For example, one in five people in The United States died from cancer. However, some communities in the US prove this statistic incorrect. For example, strict Mormons in Utah are less likely to get cancer because of their lifestyle and environment. Furthermore, Cancer has been reportedly low in the affluent population in Africa as well.

Although how and when you get cancer depends on your genetic and environment, studies show that if you live long enough, the human body will eventually develop cancer. The mutation of these cells, although preventable for a certain amount of time, is inevitable.


More than half of America's economic growth is in the hands of only 5% of American employees! Are you in the 5%?

The study of science, technology, engineering, & math (STEM) is at an all-time low in America. Only 15% of the world's scientists are American, as opposed to the 40% of American Scientists less than 40 years ago!

Educational institutions and young students are over-looking the importance of STEM Studies. STEM professions are responsible for more than 50% of the United States sustained economic growth. They work hard to ensure that the can maintain the growth of their products without creating economic problems for our generations and future generations.

Although STEM studies are challenging, they are rewarding. For instance, IBM's STEM employees have created a new supercomputer that has the ability to perform 16,000 Trillion calculation in just one second!

What does this mean for America? Faster calculation results means scientists would be able to do thing like tell how the human heart reacts to new medicines in just two hours instead of two days. They would also be able to predict natural disasters faster for earlier evacuation times.

STEM studies are doing all this with just the help of 5% of American workers. Just imagine how far we would advance, if that number doubled to just 10%.



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