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Redheads feel pain differently!

Scientists have been exploring the genetic make-up of redheads to see if they can find a link between genetics and the way redheads experience pain. Research has shown several generalizations to be true regarding the way redheads experience pain in ways different from the norm. 

Redheads are more sensitive to cold compared to their blonde and brunette friends. They are more likely to have sclerosis and endometriosis. They also tend to get toothaches at a higher rate. 

It's not all bad, redheads do not experience all kinds of pain with more sensitivity: they tend to feel stinging pain less than anyone else. They're also more resistant to certain under the skin anesthetics. Scientist say that they may have a specific gene to redheads that explain these differences

Fetal skin heals without scarring!

Scars heal through repair mechanisms in the body not regenerative mechanisms. However, in the early stages of fetal growth, wounds heal through regenerative mechanisms. It is time limited, though. There is a certain point in the embryonic growth where a type of switch is flipped and scars begin to heal through repair mechanisms.

In humans, this occurs in the last trimester. Interestingly, fetal wounds heal with little to no inflammation. Scientists do not completely understand this phenomenon. They continue to research it and hope to use the information to aid injured people.


Beer hops are from the same plant family as marijuana!

Hops, like cannabis (marijuana), come from the hemp family Cannabaceae. Hops are flowers from a vine. Even though hops and marijuana are part of the same family, hops do not cause the same psychoactive effects as marijuana.
The effects of fermentation, and not the hops contribute to the effects beer has on the body. The hops in alcohol, while not contributing to a high or drunkenness, still play an important role. The acidity of the hops contribute to the bitter nature of beer as well as contributing oils that impacts how the beer tastes and smells.
Even more importantly, hops prevent the growth of some species of bacteria in alcohol. Other important ingredients in beer include malted barley and yeast. Since yeast is a micro-organism, you could say that beer is made from living creatures as well as flowers from the same family as weed. A pretty strange drink indeed!

Some awesome lists!

Einstein designed a refrigerator over 70 years ago. It’s finally being used today.

Einstein, along with Leo Szilard worked together to develop a new refrigerator after hearing a story about a family killed by the harsh chemicals leaking from their refrigerator. During that time chemicals such as methyl chloride, ammonia and sulfur dioxide, were used for refrigeration. These chemicals were poisonous and led to accidents. 

It was this reality that led Einstein and Szilard to develop a new way to refrigerate food. This refrigerator relied on concepts developed in Szilard’s dissertation work. Their new design included an electromagnetic pump and used pressurized ammonia, butane and water. It did not necessarily need electricity, just a heat source. 

This refrigerator design was not used because the toxic chemicals being used in refrigerators produced at the time had been replaced by the less toxic Freon, so there was little interest in Einstein and Szilard’s design. Despite little use of the design while Einstein was alive, modern scientists and graduate students have recreated Einstein’s refrigerator for its environmental advantages. With modification in the gases used and in the original design of Einstein and Szilard, the refrigerator may yet get use in modern times. Read more about how the refrigerator works at the source.


A new study has found a possible link between eating chocolate and being thin.

Remember we mentioned earlier that a study found that people who eat sweets in the morning tend to be slimmer than those who starve themselves? Here's more good news for your sweet tooth. A new study by UC San Diego found that people who ate chocolate 5 times a week have a BMI that is 1 point lower than those who didn't.

The link has not been explained yet, but the early theories suggest that certain types of calories might be good for health. Chocolate has been shown to have an effect in reducing heart disease. 

A full study that has a control group of people eating and not eating chocolate and controlling for diet and exercise needs to be made to draw final conclusions, but it's looking up for chocolate lovers everywhere!



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