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There is a scientific study on why your headphones get tangled in your pocket.

And with this, scientists have officially run out of things to research. Kidding aside, the study actually identified 120 different types of knots that happen inside your pockets.

What's worse, in over 3400 different trials, they found that the probability of a knot being formed in your pocket is incredibly high, and the knots will be formed within seconds! Check out the source for more info. There's a great deal of complex knott-math and scientific analysis that has gone into this.


Nutmeg can get you high!

Under certain circumstances, nutmeg can produce hallucinogenic effects much like the ones from Marijuana. The reason for this is that it contains a compound called myristicin. It's found in it's seeds, and large quantities of it provide deliriant effects and can cause hallucinations if consumed in excess.

So why isn't there an uproar and ban on the use of nutmeg? Well the reason is that it's a pretty unpleasant way to get high, so no one really does it. For starters, nutmeg doesn't particularly taste well by itself. Only a little bit is used for cooking. However, for drug use, large amounts of nutmeg are required. Also, it takes a long time to feel the effects of the drug and also doesn't wear off for a few days. So if you're thinking about it... don't do it


Bananas are technically berries!

Believe it or not but the most popular fruit among gorillas is in fact a berry! Scientists define a berry as “being many seeded with a fleshy inner layer”. Also contrary to popular belief, bananas do not grow on trees! The “tree” that bananas grow on is actually the world’s largest herb and it is a member of the lily family.

Other facts about bananas:

• They are radioactive due high levels of potassium (more specifically Potassium-40, which is a radioactive isotope of the former)!
• The Goldfinger banana tastes more like an apple due to cross-breeding by Philip Rowe, and has only become popular in Australia!
• Ugandans eat the most bananas, on average at 500 pounds of banana a year per person!

Check out more facts about bananas here!


Some awesome lists!

HIV / AIDS has reduced Swaziland's life expectancy to only 32!

The astounding widespread of the HIV infection among the population of Swaziland has lowered the life expectancy down to only 32 years in the country. This makes it the lowest age among all countries in the world by 6. 

HIV / AIDS accounts for 61% of all deaths in the country this means that about 2% of the population dies every year from the disease.


The Vatican would baptize aliens!

The senior Vatican scientist, brother Guy Consolmagno, says he is hopeful of aliens visiting our planet and would want to baptize them. In a recent interview, Consolmagno said that if humanity somehow found aliens, he’d be open to baptizing them. That is, if they asked to be baptized. The Church is open to the idea of intelligent life outside Earth. After all, Consolomagno says, God is bigger than humanity.

He also dismissed Creationism, the literal belief in Chapter 1 of Genesis, which says that God created everything in seven days, and has stated that science and religion can work together. 

While to some it may seem odd that the Catholic Church would have scientists. There is a Papal academy of Science that keeps the Pope and other important priests up to date on the latest scientific developments. Stephen Hawking is even one of the members! Read more on the Church and aliens here! 



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