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These radio broadcasts have caused mystery and speculation for decades! Where do they come from and what do they mean?

Nobody is really sure if it's conspiracies, aliens, or secret agents secretly communicating with each other from the four corners of the globe.

But whatever the cause, numbers stations have had people tuning in and talking about what the heck is going on for nearly 80 years.

As WWII ended short wave radios started to become commonplace in people's homes as a hobby. They were also used as something a little darker and much more mysterious: a way for unknown individuals to communicate and interact using a strange, vague code—numbers.

They normally consist of a female reading groups of numbers, sometimes letters or sound tones, in a monotone voice and without saying anything else. Intervals could consist of a few minutes to once a day, week, or month.

A common one, known as “The Lincolnshire Poacher” because it used the bars from the English folk song with the same name, showed up at the height of the Cold War in the mid 1970s.

It continued broadcasting until June 29, 2008 when it stopped unexpectedly and without another word. This one in particular was broadcast several times throughout the day, seven days a week.


This guy managed to infiltrate Mecca and translate the Kama Sutra in a single lifetime!

Mecca is the holiest city of Islam. Their entire belief and way of life exists because of what transpired in those walls long, long ago.

If you're not Muslim, but think this sounds like an interesting place to visit, too bad—it's forbidden to infidels.

But that doesn't mean those outside the faith have never seen it. There have been infiltrators, and one in particular has a really strange story to tell.

Richard Francis Burton was an adventurer, scholar and “sexual explorer” that lived from 1821 to 1890. He was adept to learning new languages and managed to learn 24 to 40, including the dialects.

He joined the military after being thrown out of Oxford and was posted to India, where he showed a knack for being a spy.

He made a six month journey to Mecca disguised as an Afghan Muslim in 1853. He kissed the sacred black stone, a religious event most Muslims dream of doing, and explored the city with care, making sure to blend in the whole time.

He survived.

His other claim to fame? He translated the Kama Sutra in all of its sexual glory. He probably didn't even bat an eye at anything it contained.


Hitler wanted to resurrect prehistoric animals so that he and his officers could use them for hunting!

It's known that the Nazis during World War II engaged in numerous scientific experiments, but not all of their projects are known by the public.

One of the lesser known experiments was that Hitler, at one point, was trying to resurrect prehistoric animals so that he and his officers could hunt them for sport.

More specifically, the project revolved around resurrecting the prehistoric animal, wild Auroch cows.

These cows are said to have been seven-foot-tall horned mammals that went extinct nine thousand years ago. Although they are referred to as 'cows,' Aurochs are incredibly hostile and would have been a challenge for any gamesman.

But Hitler didn't want to learn how to resurrect extinct animals JUST for sport. Instead, he wanted to bring back old species that had ties to the ancient Germanic civilization.

Hermann Goering, a man who supervised the project, is thought to have believed that by bringing back animals from Germany's roots, the Nazi party would be seen as something more than a New Order.


Some awesome lists!

Theodore Roosevelt always carried a lethal dose of morphine with him - in case he needed to take his own life!

Even powerful, important people sometimes contemplate taking their own life. In fact, Theodore Roosevelt seemed to have had it on his mind regularly!

He carried a lethal dose of morphine with him for many years in case he had to take his own life.

He had it with him where ever he went as though it were his most prized possession.

The tiny glass vial was small enough to be packed into his satchel with his books and eight extra pairs of glasses and would also be inconspicuous in his luggage in between his other possessions.

He had taken the morphine with him on his travels to the American West, to Africa and finally, to Brazil in 1913, where he came extremely close to finally using it.

Roosevelt and a small group of men were on an expedition to the Brazilian River of Doubt. From the very beginning everything went horribly wrong and three months later Roosevelt was extremely ill with malaria and trapped at an impassable part of the river.

That was when he seriously considered ingesting the lethal dose of morphine.

Although he made it out of the Amazon alive, he never fully recovered and died only five years later.


Alaska was the butt of many jokes for a long time when the U.S. purchased it!

Where the heck did Alaska come from?

It's a vast piece of frozen tundra, unbelievable wilderness and terrifying creatures that really has no business being a part of the United States.

It wasn't won in a war, it wasn't conquered and it wasn't claimed by some American explorers. It was purchased, but it ended up being the butt of many jokes for years!

William Seward was the Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. He was a great advocate for territory expansion and looked northward for the best opportunity.

Before then, though, he made claims to acquire places like British Columbia, the Danish West Indies, the Samana Peninsula of the Dominican Republic, Panama, the Hawaiian Island and succeed in annexing the Midway Islands.

He is best known for buying Alaska from Russia on March 30, 1867. He acquired 586,412 square miles of land, which is more than twice the size of Texas, for the paltry sum of $7,200,000 ($121 million in today's dollars).

He was mocked for the purchase and it became known as Seward's Folly. Seward strongly believed that purchasing Alaska was his greatest achievement, though it would take a generation for the people to realize it!



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