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Isaac Newton was so devoted to science that he stuck a needle behind his eye to test a hypothesis!

Newton thought that color is infused by pressure on the eye. To prove this, in an optical experiment, Newton stuck a darning needle around the side of his eye until it poked the backside. 

He calmly noted that he saw white, dark, and colored circles when he stirred the needle in his eye. Although it is not known what he concluded from his experiment, Newton argued that light is composed of particles. 

Science later adopted a wave theory of light and color, because of what some experiments found. Newton had some vindication on his theory, though. With the discovery of quantum mechanics, light is now thought to be both a wave and a particle. 


John Adams said we should all take a bunch of opium if we should discover that there is no God—but he was not an atheist

John Adams was born in 1753 and was the second president of the United States. He is often erroneously referred to as an atheist. This could be because he once said that, if we learn that there is no God or life after death, we should all just take a lot of opium.

According to his biographer David McCullough, "as his family and friends knew, Adams was both a devout Christian, and an independent thinker". Everett said that "Adams strove for a religion based on a common sense sort of reasonableness." Adams maintained that religion must change and evolve toward perfection.

He felt that Christianity was being misinterpreted and misused in the service of superstition, fraud, and unscrupulous power. He believed evil came from within and was not the result of something external.

He recognized the large and small abuses that religious belief tried to justify, but he also believed that religion could be a force for good in individual lives and in society at large. He believed that this view did not only apply to Christianity, but to all religions.

John Adams was aware of and worried about the persecution of minorities and the waging of ‘holy’ wars that usually come with established religion.


In Berlin, you can still see the difference between East and West by the streetlights. Learn more about how the wall fell

The Cold war was a tough time for the whole world, and none were more affected than the citizens of Berlin. Divided into east and west at the end of WWII, the eastern half was under Soviet control.

In the middle of the city was the Berlin Wall, a terrifying strip of land with concrete walls, barbed wire, and armed guards on either side of a wide expanse of land known as the "death strip".

Funnily enough, the wall was torn down due to a simple mistake. The Politburo of East Germany had decided to re-open travel between the east and west. However, instead of doing so in an orderly fashion, one of the Politburo members blurted out that fact on national television.

The citizens of east Berlin then rushed to the wall and demanded to be let through. Thankfully, the guards complied and no blood was shed in the destruction of the wall. Because the open crossing policy made the wall redundant, people began to take sledgehammers to it and reduced a large portion to rubble before the night was out.


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The island of Bora Bora used to be its own county!

The tiny island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia only has 8,000 permanent residents. Even still, they were once an independent kingdom!

Bora Bora is made up of the island of Bora Bora proper in the center, with small islets made of coral surrounding it and creating a beautiful lagoon in the middle. All of this land was ruled over by the Kingdom of Bora Bora, along with some small surrounding islands.

While there have been settlers on Bora Bora since the 4th century AD, it wasn't until the early 19th century that it was officially recognized as a Kingdom by the rest of the world. As one of many small island kingdoms in Polynesia, it shared members of its royal family and language with other islands such as Tahiti, Hauahine, and Raiatea.

Unfortunately, the independent Kingdom of Bora Bora barely lasted 100 years. In 1888, the island was annexed by France, and their last monarch, Queen Teriimaevarua III, was forced to abdicate the throne in 1895.


British Intelligence considered giving Hitler estrogen.

rWhether they were considering giving Hitler estrogen to get rid of his iconic mustache, or merely to temper his aggressive behavior, historians have discovered a plan by the British Intelligence to administer estrogen to Hitler. 

Perhaps it was decided that Hitler was unstable enough without messing with his hormones, but, in any case, the plan was not put into action. Interestingly enough, the British Intelligence did have the means and people in place capable of dosing Hitler’s food. 

One might think it might be more useful to poison Hitler, but the British Intelligence had an answer for that too: Hitler’s food was tested for poison, but estrogen, which is flavorless, would go unnoticed. Throughout history, intelligence agencies have employed or considered employing new science in secretive ways to affect politics. At one point, the CIA had a plan to poison Fidel Castro so that his beard would fall out. 


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