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Imagine being voted king of a nation that you've never even been to!

Jean Bernadotte was born in France, serving a long career in the French Army.

He acquired speedy promotions through the ranks and he displayed great ability during his term as Minister of War.

At the time, Kings Charles XIII of Sweden was in failing health, was childless and the issue of his successor was becoming very apparent.

In a very strange turn of events, Bernadotte was elected to succeed King Charles. A large part of the Swedish Army were in favour of electing a soldier to rule and Bernadotte was very popular as he had shown kindness to the Swedish prisoners during a recent war with Denmark.

Bernadotte was adopted by King Charles XIII under the name of Charles John. Many responsibilities we bestowed upon him and his main goal was the acquisition of Norway.

However, the Norwegians were unwilling to accept Swedish ownership and they declared independence.

Even though Sweden won the ensuing war under Charles John’s leadership, he accepted the Norwegian constitution which paved the way for Norway to enter a union with Sweden.


Andrew Jackson was almost the first assassinated president--but luck was on his side. What happened?

The first president to ever have his life threatened by an assassination (that we know of) was Andrew Jackson in 1835.

The story of how it happened reads like one of the strangest historical Mad Libs ever made.It includes a crazy unemployed guy, defective pistols, and the infamous Davy Crockett!

While attending a funeral, Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter, approached Andrew Jackson in the House chamber of the Capitol. He took a gun out and shot at him, but luckily, it misfired.

Lawrence believed he was owed money which would allow him to take his rightful place as King Richard III of England, and Jackson was keeping it from him. Sure, sounds reasonable.

The 67-year-old president quickly raised his cane and struck Lawrence again and again. Lawrence presented a second pistol—which also misfired. The crowds got in on the fun, fighting Lawrence and taking his guns. And who else was in that crowd but bystander Rep. Davy Crockett of Tennessee!

Lawrence was found not guilty because of insanity and spent the rest of his days in mental institutions. Jackson believed the rival Whig Party hired the assassin, which led to Vice President Martin Van Buren carrying two pistols any time he visited the Senate.

The Smithsonian Institution tested Lawrence's pistols in 1930. Believe it or not, both fired normally on the first try!


This ancient shipwreck is so well preserved it still has food on board!

It's amazing how quickly the leftovers in the back of your fridge turn into a rotting, smelly pile of something that used to be edible.

Generally, it's hard to even tell what it used to be! If this struggle is all too real to you, it will blow your mind to know that an ancient Roman merchant vessel was found off the coast of Italy with food that is still intact!

In 2012, divers discovered the ship that was still in really good condition, enough so that a lot of the food on board is probably still sealed in their storage jars. The first people to become aware of the wreck under the waves was local fishermen who started to notice pottery in their nets. Police divers quickly brought out a remotely operated vehicle to check out the 2,000-year-old ship.

Preliminary tests show that some of the food on board is pickled fish, grain, wine, and oil which were likely headed for Spain when the ship sunk. It remained in such good condition in thanks to the layers of mud on the seabed that protected it from harm.

Though there are no plans to raise the ship, the area has been secured, prohibiting shipping and water traffic.


Some awesome lists!

A Misogynist Judge Ruled That Women Can Be Charged More Because He Considers Men Better Drivers!

It’s no secret that women can be unfairly treated by some pre-historic men, but this is ridiculous!

In 2013, Judge Javier Albar ruled that men are better drivers and a driving school called the Zaragoza Driving School in Spain, were legally allowed to charge more in order to teach women.

But how much more you ask? Almost 200 full euros more! Men were able to pay 665 euros for their driving lessons while women were charged 850 euros for the same exact offer.

Initially, the driving school was fined 4,000 euros for sexual discrimination and was asked to overturn their charging differences, but the same judge overturned that ruling when the driving school provided “evidence” that claimed men were better at driving.

Spain’s Women Institute then attempted to take the petition the constitutional court to fight this judge.


The ancient Greeks were missing quite a few colors back in the day!

Those who see trees of green and red roses too enjoy the beauty the world provides in its near infinite array of colors and sights.

Even the sky is so...what would I call That's exactly (though probably not) a conversation that would have taken place between a couple of ancient Greek people. They didn't have a word for the color blue!

In a tale almost as old as time, at least recorded time, Homer's “The Odyssey” has been a work of study into the lives of our ancient ancestors.

The stories, descriptions and details unlock interesting mysteries—and create new ones. For example: the phrase Homer uses to describe the ocean is “the wine-dark sea” instead of blue.

In fact, Homer's color palette was restricted to only five colors: metallics, black, white, yellow-green and red.

Even philosophers of the time restricted the colors to only four categories: white/light, dark/black, red and yellow. They described a rainbow as only having three bands.

Man, the world must have been pretty dreary back then!



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