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Nintendo wanted Mario to ride Yoshi since the NES. It took 6 years for technology to make the concept possible!

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur since just after the completion of the very first Super Mario Bros. game, but it took 6 years due to technology limits. 

If you’re a Mario fan, you probably know Yoshi’s first appearance was in Super Mario World, the first Mario game for the Super Nintendo. Unbeknownst to most, though, Yoshi had been around for several years already. 

Just after the first game came out in 1985, Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur in a following game, but as he explained, the technology to have a player be able to activate and hop onto a totally different control scheme just wasn’t there. 

The NES wasn’t really powerful enough. But Yoshi finally came around in 1990 (1991 in the US). To date he is one of the more popular Mario characters, and along with Wario and Donkey Kong, has had his own successful franchise. 


Romans discovered concrete 2,000 years ago.

Roman concrete was an early, very similar form of what is used today. It was used in construction during the late Roman Republic through the history of the Roman Empire.

The concrete was based on a hydraulic setting cement with most qualities the same as modern cement. By the time the 1st century AD came around, it was already used as frequently as brick. It became so big there was even an event known as the Concrete Revolution.

Roman concrete, like modern concrete, consists of a mix of hydraulic mortar, which is a binder mixed with water. The Roman mix had some variations, and included, rock, ceramic, and brick.

Gypsum and lime often made up the binders, as were volcanic dusts. This is all that’s really known of the Roman concrete today. Things like the water/cement ratios are lost to time.


Ever wondered what happens to the royalties of Mein Kampf? Read on!

Hitler was actually one of the richest authors of all time. The sales from Mein Kampf actually helped fund the Nazi party in its early days. Today, the book has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. 

Of course, Hitler died without any heirs when he shot himself nearly seventy years ago. So where do the royalties go? Well Hitler’s nephew could have claimed the royalties, but refused to have anything to do with the book.

The book then became property of the state of Bavaria. Since the war ended, Mein Kampf has been illegal to publish in Germany. But until 2015 when the book becomes public domain, it is still published throughout other countries. 

The royalties in some countries just went to domestic charities, like in the UK. But for countries like Sweden, India, and Turkey, Bavaria accepts the royalties and then distributes them to its charities. 


Some awesome lists!

It's rumored that Hitler was lovers with his niece, who committed suicide with the same gun Hitler did!

Though it is speculation, Hitler is said to have been in love and in a romantic relationship with his half-sister’s daughter, Angela “Geli” Raubal. When Geli was 17, her mother became Hitler’s housekeeper and Hitler became alarmingly close and protective of Geli. She was nearly always accompanied by Hitler or a close associate in public and didn’t seem to reciprocate Hitler’s feelings for her.

Geli was said to be in a huge fight with Hitler the days leading up to her death, and the night of her death there was no staff in the house except one deaf worker. Hitler’s Walther pistol was left at home, which was unusual, and her room was locked from the inside. Her death was ruled a suicide, yet she was given a Catholic funeral. Some speculate that Hitler had her killed for disobeying him or refusing him. It is said that Hitler became a different man after Geli’s death, embittered and angry with humanity. 

After her death, Hitler kept a picture of Geli in each of his bedrooms and no one was allowed to say her name. In 1945, Hitler committed suicide with the same Walther pistol that ended Geli’s life.


There was an epidemic of Satanic ritual abuse across America in the 1980s that turned out to be completely imagined.

Starting around 1980, many communities were experiencing a “Satanic Panic.” Much of the public believed there was a widespread network of Satanic cults in the US that was responsible for kidnapping, abusing, and eating children. The scare lasted into the early 1990’s and reached numerous other English speaking countries.

After then, the panic gradually declined. Why? Because there was no evidence it ever existed. People were getting afraid over nothing. There are a few culprits for this phenomenon. Recovered memory therapy, a counseling method that is rarely used now but was popular then, had created false memories in adults of childhood ritual abuse.

Similarly, investigations were made in children suspected of being kidnapped that inadvertently planted the idea that they HAD been kidnapped in their minds. On top of that, 19th century anti-Roman Catholic novels on the subject were presented as documentaries, fueling the fire.

In the end, Damian Thomson of the Daily Telegraph summed it up as panic over the evil of pedophelia. "As Prof [essor Jean] La Fontaine points out, paedophilia is the most potent representation of evil in modern society; it is not surprising that it should become conflated with older folk devils, or that groups with a distrust of the Establishment - fundamentalists, feminists, social workers - should prove receptive to such a myth."



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