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There’s a solar-powered carousel!

GE presented their solar power technology at South By Southwest earlier this year with a solar-powered carousel. The best part? It’s actually a charging station. You can take your phone over their to recharge with solar power, and while you wait, you can ride a carousel!

Anne Frank’s sister also kept a diary!

At one point, Anne’s diary alludes to her older sister’s memoirs:

“Last night Margot and I were lying side by side in my bed. It was incredibly cramped, but that’s what made it fun. She asked if she could read my diary once in a while. ‘Parts of it,’ I said, and asked about hers. She gave me permission to read her diary as well.” 

Unfortunately, the diary of Margot Frank was never found. 


Some awesome lists!

There’s an annual scavenger hunt that takes place over the entire United States and lasts a full 24 hours!

Tricadecathlonomania, aka “Trica”, is a very unique scavenger hunt. It starts and ends at midnight, and bribing judges, finding loopholes, and cheating in general is actually encouraged!

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids. In fact, they were invented in the 1930s by the notorious socialite and party-hostess Elsa Maxwell, “the hostess with the mostest”. Not only were they a way to entertain her guests, they were also a good way to stimulate them intellectually. is planning their own scavenger hunt! Sign up here by July 11 and you can participate in an 11-day long scavenger hunt where you can earn scholarships, computers or a trip to LA. The whole event is to raise awareness for a bunch of good causes, so make sure to check it out!

Saddam Hussein had a Koran that was written in his own blood!

The former dictator had 27 liters (7 gallons) of his own blood drawn out of his body to be used as ink. This project reportedly took him only 2 years to do, which, if true, could have killed him. All 114 chapters (336,000 words!) of the holy book were written in blood, and the new bloody book was placed into a secure vault in Baghdad. Now that the dictator is gone, the question of what to do with the book remains a contentious issue. Writing a Koran in blood is considered to be blasphemous, but its destruction would also be blasphemous.
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