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Atari’s Pong was the #1 selling holiday gift of 1975.

Pretty amazing. Atari actually had a lot of surprising firsts. In the 1980s, Atari 2600 owners could hook up their video game systems to their phone lines to download games! This online service was actually the inspiration for AOL! Also, the first portable game system with a color screen wasn’t a Gameboy, it was the Atari Lynx (also in the 80s). Here's a list of more strange video game facts.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was originally supposed to be a first-person shooter.

Video game designer Yoshiaki Koizumi explained his conversation with Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto about the N64 classic:

“I talked with Miyamoto-san about how we should make The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo 64 system, and he asked, ‘How about making it so that Link will not show up?’,” Yoshiaki Koizumi remembers. “He wanted to make it a first-person game.”

Koizumi was working on the Link model at the time and was rather attached to the beloved character. Ultimately, the Nintendo team decided to abandon the first-person format because it wasn’t visually interesting enough.

When Gene Kelly filmed the famous dance sequence from Singin' in the Rain, he was actually singin' in the milk!

When Gene Kelly filmed the famous dance sequence from Singin' in the Rain, he was actually singin' in the milk!

With the filming technology at the time, it was very difficult to capture small, clear droplets of rain on camera. To get around this, the filmmakers added milk to the mixture, making it more easily visible. Some other interesting facts about Singin' in the Rain:

-About $160,000 was spent on costuming. -Debbie Reynolds' singing ability was somewhat limited. In the scene where Debbie Reynolds' character Kathy is dubbing over the voice of Jean Hagen's character Lina Lamont, Hagen is actually dubbing over Reynolds! -As we stated in a previous fact (, Gene Kelly had a fever of 103 degrees when filming the famous dance sequence.

Some awesome lists!

Now when you watch "Nyan Cat" on YouTube, you can watch another Nyan Cat run across the screen as the video plays!

Somehow the small cat always wins even though the big cat has a massive headstart...

There’s a solar-powered carousel!

GE presented their solar power technology at South By Southwest earlier this year with a solar-powered carousel. The best part? It’s actually a charging station. You can take your phone over their to recharge with solar power, and while you wait, you can ride a carousel!


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