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Charlie Sheen was kinda right: All humans have tiger-like stripes!

They’re called Blaschko’s lines, after the dermatologist who first discovered them, Alfred Blaschko.

It turns out that our skin cells arrange themselves on our bodies in a series of swirling stripes.

However, since our skin cells are usually the same color it’s hard to notice.

People with certain medical conditions that cause skin cells to be different colors can have visible Blaschko’s lines.

They can often only be seen with ultraviolet light.


Samsung also makes weapons! Check out all they do.

Samsung Techwin is a surveillance, aeronautics, optoelectronics, automations and weapons technology company.

It's a subsidiary of Samsung Group. The company employs 4923 people and is headquartered in South Korea. Its total sales in 2011 were 2,947 billion South Korean won.

Samsung Techwin was founded in 1977, and the company established a precision instrument laboratory in 1978. It started making cameras in 1979.

In technical cooperation with General Electric, it started manufacturing jet engines for Korean aircraft in 1980. Manufacture of 155 mm self-propelled artillery began in 1984.

Samsung Techwin directly entered the European and North American closed-circuit television/surveillance market in 2008 under its own name, featuring a line of true day/night cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs).

In 2009, the company introduced a new series of digital IP-based cameras and network video recorders.

Check out the source. They make tanks, ARVs and even jet engines!


Next time you're looking for a surgeon, make sure he's a gamer! Here's why.

Next time you're about to go under the knife, ask about your surgeon's Call of Duty skill!

A study found that surgeons who play video games frequently make fewer mistakes on the operating table.

When the doctors played for at least three hours, they made 37% fewer mistakes in surgery and operated 27% faster than those who don't!

Many say that they use the same hand-eye coordination that they use for surgeries as well as playing Playstation.

Dr. James Rosser practices his hand-eye coordination by playing Super Monkey Ball, a popular game where you roll a ball into a hole.

He says it's a simple game and it helps him build the same skills he uses during surgeries!

Now when your parents badger you to stop playing video games, you can give them a reason.


Some awesome lists!

If you want to stop an oil tanker, you need to shut off the engines 15 miles before!

An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a merchant ship designed for the bulk transport of oil. Oil tankers are often classified by their size as well as their occupation.

Oil tankers generally have from 8 to 12 tanks. Each tank is split into two or three independent compartments by fore-and-aft bulkheads.

It surely takes a lot of gas to move this bad boys; over 60 % of today’s gas is currently used when it comes to sea/ocean transportation methods.

Trying to make one of these stop surely takes a lot of time; the approximate time taken for a super tanker to stop largely varies depending on the speed it was in.

However, a fully loaded super tanker travelling at normal speed of 29.6 kilometres per hour needs at least 20 minutes to stop.

Captains must know when to start turning off the engines if they want to avoid a catastrophe at shore!


There is a computer marketed for The Amish! Check out what’s different about it.

It may come as a surprise to you to find out that there is an Amish trade show, a trade show that sells power tools.

Although The Amish aren't supposed to use electricity, some of them have started to use it to stay competitive in the business world.

Typically, they keep all electrical objects outside of their home - in an area of their property so they barely even know that it's over there.

Another rare item at the trade show was an '80's era piece of technology - a computer for the Amish. The booth displayed the item proudly boasted all the things that the computer couldn't do: No Internet, No Video, No Music. The computer let's the user perform basic word-processing, spreadsheets, and accounting functions!



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