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Flexible glass was invented around 20 AD. So why have we never seen it?

Flexible glass is a legendary lost invention from the time of the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar (14–37 AD).

The craftsman who invented the technique brought a drinking bowl made of flexible glass before Caesar who threw it to the floor, whereupon the material dented, rather than shattering.

The inventor then repaired the bowl easily with a small hammer. After the inventor swore to the Emperor that he alone knew the technique of manufacture, Tiberius had the man beheaded, fearing such material could undermine the value of gold and silver.


This new technology makes records sound like brand new—without touching the record!

A laser turntable is a phonograph that plays LPs using laser beams as the pickup – the way acompact disc player plays CDs – instead of using a stylus as in conventional turntables.

The same audio information is engraved from the shoulder to the bottom of a record groove. Audio information read by the laser is 10 microns below the shoulder. Therefore, the laser is picking up audio information which never been touched or possibly damaged by a needle. It plays the virgin audio information on the groove without any digitization.

The laser reads the audio signal with much greater precision than any needle, making the laser sound quality quite similar to the original music on the master tape.


iTunes had a different name before Apple purchased it.

iTunes has not always been property of Apple inc. This software that seems to never reach it's maximum upgrade has a story that backs all the way to the 1990s.

SoundJam MP was an early Mac OS compatible MP3 player and Rio-compatible hardware synchronization manager that was released in July 1998 and was available until June 2001.

Jeff Robbin and Bill Kincaid developed SoundJam MP with assistance from Dave Heller. Prior to working together on SoundJam MP, Jeff Robbin and Bill Kincaid had worked for Apple in the 1990s as system software engineers assigned to the Copland operating system, a project that was abandoned before completion.

Apple, Inc. purchased SoundJam MP in 2000 and further developed the code to create iTunes version 1.0.


Some awesome lists!

Europe has "Silent Discos." You listen to music on your headphones

Due to noise ordinances in Europe, club owners have created "silent discos" where clubbers listen to music through headphones.

Rather than use a speaker system, some club owners have resorted to wireless headphones to entertain club goers.

Music is broadcasted via FM-transmitter to the clubber's headphones. It's called "silent discos."

The style of clubbing is popular for music festivals, when people want to party long after noise ordinances would allow. Two DJ's often compete for the listeners, too.


Want to learn a new word? This is the best way to do it.

All it takes is about 160 repetitions within 14 minutes.

Neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge recently found that it technically takes less than fifteen minutes to learn a new word, given enough aural repetitions.

Not only that, but you do not even have to speak the word or think about it at all!

All it takes is a bit of passive listening on the part of the learner - your brain will automatically work on its own to form a network of neurons devoted to remembering that one word.

This task is quite difficult for the mind at first, but towards the end of the 14-minute period, the new memory traces will be nearly identical to that of any other word in your prexisting lexicon!



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