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There is an airplane engine being developed that will allow planes to be able to travel from Europe to Australia in four hours, and can be launched into space!

British aerospace company Reaction Engines Limited is working on a truly impressive and innovative machine. They’re building an engine that can get you anywhere in the world in about 4-5 hours at longest.

And that’s in a passenger plane with 300 people on board. To do this, it will hit speeds five times faster than the speed of sound!

What’s even more impressive is the non-consumer applications of this engine. When completed, this engine will be able to actually gain enough speed in the air to just launch itself into space whenever it wants.

This will prove invaluable for space agencies that need a quick fix on one of their multi-million dollar machines floating above our heads.

They can achieve this with what’s mostly an engine we would use today. They just add a little step at the beginning of the process called precooling to help make it more efficient. Before the air rushes into the engine, they rapidly cool it to very low temperatures. This allows the engine to run at higher power, and higher power means higher speed.

Just because they aren’t changing too much doesn’t mean it’s not a hard thing to do. They are currently the only company working on anything like this, and it has taken years to develop a technology that can cool air with the speed required.

It’s thought that their engine will cool air by more than a thousand degrees Celsius in a hundredth (.01) of a second.


If you want to stop an oil tanker, you need to shut off the engines 15 miles before!

An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a merchant ship designed for the bulk transport of oil. Oil tankers are often classified by their size as well as their occupation.

Oil tankers generally have from 8 to 12 tanks. Each tank is split into two or three independent compartments by fore-and-aft bulkheads.

It surely takes a lot of gas to move this bad boys; over 60 % of today’s gas is currently used when it comes to sea/ocean transportation methods.

Trying to make one of these stop surely takes a lot of time; the approximate time taken for a super tanker to stop largely varies depending on the speed it was in.

However, a fully loaded super tanker travelling at normal speed of 29.6 kilometres per hour needs at least 20 minutes to stop.

Captains must know when to start turning off the engines if they want to avoid a catastrophe at shore!


The Gansu Wind farm in China is the largest wind farm in the entire world.

The Gansu Wind Farm Project is a group of 18 wind farms under construction in the Gansu province in China. The construction is broken up into three phases, the first of which has been finished. When the project is complete in 2020, it will be the largest collective wind farm in the world!

The Gansu Wind Farm Project is located in desert areas near the city of Jiuquan in two localities of Guazhou County and also near Yumen City, in the northwest province of Gansu, which has an abundance of wind resources.

The project is divided into multiple phases. The first 3,800 MW phase consists of eighteen 200 MW wind farms and two 100 MW wind farms. The second 8,000 MW phase will consist of forty 200 MW wind farms. The planned capacity is 5,160 MW by 2010, 12,710 MW by 2015 and 20,000 MW in 2020.

In 2012, the approximate installed capacity was 6,000 MW, roughly equivalent to the United Kingdom's entire wind power capacity.


Some awesome lists!

Children who qualify for the reduced lunch program can also get a computer and cheap internet access, if they live someplace that has Comcast!

As a student, having the Internet is pretty much essential these days. While a student may be able to get by with getting their information from books and writing essays by hand, lack of computer access puts them at a huge disadvantage. There are even times when a computer is needed to do work.

Accommodations are certainly made for those who are unable to access the internet, but again, it alienates the students and puts them at a distinct disadvantage.

Comcast, the United States' largest Internet provider, and the Khan Academy, a "not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere," have teamed up to bring the Internet to as many people as possible with a program called "Internet Essentials."

If a student receives free lunch and lives in a place where Comcast offers internet service, he or she is eligible for the Internet Essentials program. The program offers internet service for $9.95, a $150 computer upon signup, and free Internet training. The price is also guaranteed to never go up, and there are no activation or equipment rental fees.


This record player uses laser beams to "read" sound, causing no deterioration to the record itself

There's nothing quite like taking out old vinyl records and listening to some classic tunes. Vinyl enthusiasts swear that using more modern technology just wouldn't have the same feel to it.

The ELP laser turntable is, in some ways, a compromise between old and new. It uniquely uses a laser, not a needle, to play music. The lack of contact has one main benefit: it causes absolutely no wear and tear on records. Having no contact means that the sounds are preserved better. As for the laser, it's completely harmless.

So how does all this technology work in concert? The laser consists of five beams. The first two beams are there for tracking purposes; they're aimed at the shoulders on the left and right grooves. The next two read the audio signal. Finally, the last beam exists for controlling the height between the laser and the surface of the record, which is especially useful with thick or warped records. All in all, the laser serves to reproduce the music in analog. There is no digitalization needed.

Perhaps most importantly, forgoing the needle in favor of the a laser creates extremely high-quality sound. The sounds played are almost exactly as those originally engraved on the vinyl.



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