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Kevin Warwick is the first cyborg to walk the earth. Are cybernetics coming to a body near you?

Inspector Gadget was just a movie. But could it come true? Scientist Kevin Warwick thinks so. He's gone so far as to make himself part robot.

Warwick is a professor of cybernetics at Reading University. Apparently Warwick said "I want to do something with my life; I want to be a cyborg." At first this might not make sense.

In 1986, he had a silicon chip transponder inserted into his arm that enabled him to operate doors and lights. He planned to have another chip inserted. His goal was noble—to save humankind through technology.


TiME is a seafaring probe designed to explore the lakes and seas of Saturn's moon Titan's. So why didn't NASA launch it?

On 22 July 2006, lakes and seas were discovered on Titan, Saturn's largest moon. These are located in Titan's northern hemisphere. The discovery confirmed the hypothesis that liquid hydrocarbons exist on Titan. Most of Titan goes centuries without seeing any rain, but precipitation is expected to be much more frequent at the poles.

Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) was designed to land on Titan and would have performed the first nautical exploration of an outer space sea. It was to analyse the nature of the seas and explore the shorelines. The target lake was Ligeia Mare (78°N, 250°W). It is one of the largest lakes of Titan identified to date, with a surface area of about 100,000 km2.

TiME was one of three Discovery Mission finalists that received US $3 million in May 2011 to develop a detailed concept study. The other two missions were InSight and Comet Hopper. After a review in the Summer of 2012, NASA announced in August 2012 the selection of the InSight mission to Mars.

The chance to discover a form of life with a different chemical basis than life on Earth has led some researchers to consider Titan the most important world on which to search for extra-terrestrial life.


According to Netflix's CEO, Canada is considered a third-world country. Find out why!

Netflix can provide a real treasure trove of data and information, giving us some real insight into the state of a country's internet. Such is the case when Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos commented, "It's almost a human rights violation what they're charging for internet access in Canada."

The low broadband caps cause customers to pay outrageous rates if they exceed a monthly cap starting at just 15 GB. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has gone on record before calling the caps and overage fees "grossly overpriced."

The caps have caused Netflix's Canada branch to adjust it's streaming rates with standard definition being the default option, which they initially didn't think would be a problem. However, they are now acknowledging that the caps are having a significant impact on their subscriber growth.

While Canada enjoys some of the finer liberties such as universal healthcare, their access to the internet has been deemed "third-world." Overall, they rank as the 20th country in the world for internet usage, clocking in at 28.47 million users as of 2012.


Some awesome lists!

People are using Google Maps to make others aware of dangerous land mine fields in Kosovo

Google Maps has a lot of great uses. It can give your directions when you're lost. It can show you a street view when you're being creepy. And it can save people lives by identifying land mines.

The town of Krivenik in South East Kosovo was hit hard during the war. Villagers came back to find that much of their town had been destroyed and that the surrounding area was mined. These land mines, if triggered, would detonate and could kill or maim anyone nearby.

The Halo Trust partnered with Google Maps to pinpoint these mines and then clear them. Google Map technology allows people to see where the mines are to avoid them. In the meantime, Halo is clearing mines and since 2008, has cleared 10 minefields.


If you can solve this puzzle, you might be recruited for the CIA... or so the rumor goes...

If your internet account passwords consist of the numbers "1234" in sequence, the anonymous organization that is looking for the brightest puzzle solvers and cryptanalysts may not be for you.

The group is known as Cicada 3301. Every January since 2012 an image has been posted to 4chan's "random" message board claiming to be looking for the best of the best in puzzle-solvers. The hidden message in the picture would lead those that solved it to the ones behind Cicada 3301.

There has been plenty of speculation behind the puzzle. Some think it's just "the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age," while others think it may be a recruitment tool for the NSA, CIA, MI6, cyber mercenary group, or just a way for banks to test their cryptocurrency. Finally, many just think it's an Alternate Reality Game constructed by some bored geniuses.

Clues for the puzzles have been found in numerous places, from the web, to original music, to physical codes on telephone poles with QR codes.

At least one person has claimed to complete them, but no verification has ever been made.



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