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A new £2000 procedure TATTOOS a buzz cut into bald men!

A company called HIS (Hair-Ink-Skin) has developed an interesting way for bald men to regain their hair.

Instead of expensive plugs, or fake looking toupes, they came up with a very natural looking solution. A tattooed-in buzz cut.

It's called Micro Hair Technique, and it took the creators years to develop.

The way they do it is by mixing and matching different shades of ink to replicate the look, size and shape of micro hairs in men's heads.

The three men on the right have had the procedure done. Because the procedure costs many many times less than something like a hair transplant (which can cost up to £25000) MHT is becoming really popular.

They've now opened locations in the United States. What do you think? Does it look natural enough? Would you get it?


A pound of feathers actually weighs more than a pound of gold!

Ever heard the old trick question, "which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?"
The answer is supposed to be neither, because both would be a pound, yet that answer is technically incorrect.
Gold is universally weighed using a different measurement system than most other materials. It is weighed using the troy system, and troy ounces.
This system is measured so that 12 troy ounces makes up 5760 grains to the pound, while the common measurement for feathers would make them equal to 7000 grains to the pound.
Thus, a standard pound of feathers technically weighs more than a pound of gold!

Ever wonder why keys are in the order they’re in on the keyboard?

The keyboard we most commonly use today is called the "qwerty" keyboard for obvious reasons, but did you ever wonder why the letters are in that order?

It's actually because the original keyboards would jam if letters that were next to each other were pressed in too rapid succession.

In 1874 Christopher Sholes, who developed the layout, was aiming to slow typists down by putting the most common letters in the most hard to reach places, and thus reduce jamming.

Although modern technology has no issue with jamming, the keyboard stuck and is still the one we use today!


Some awesome lists!

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Forget skydiving. You can hire a company to kidnap you!

For less than the equivalent of $1600, you can pay French company, Ultime Ralit to give you a basic abduction package.

The package includes you being taken by strangers, gagged and forced into a car and kept in a dark cellar for 4 hours.

For an added fee, you can add boat chases or helicopter escapes to your abduction package. You can also stay in that dark cellar for longer... If you pay.

The company offers to get you through real sensations of violence, terror and fear of a real kidnapping. If you dare, you will sign a contract and liability waiver. Once you sign it, you have no idea when your kidnapping will take place.

The company follows you and abducts you at the right time. Some people have decided to use the service in order to tackle some of their greatest fears. For example, being buried alive. While the service is not technically illegal, the police say authorities should be warned. Would you ever consider being fake kidnapped like this?


An Azerbaijani billionaire decided to build an artifical achipelago!

The Khazar Islands, sometimes referred to as Caspian Islands, are a reminder of what mankind is capable of creating these days. The artificial islands, south of Baku, Azerbaijan, consist of 41 islands extending 11.6 square miles over the Caspian Sea.

The company responsible for this artificial archipelago is Avesta. The company has said publicly that the Khazar Islands is under construction to become a city to house 1 million residents, contain 150 schools, 50 hospitals and daycare centers, numerous parks, shopping malls, cultural centers, universities, a racetrack, but most importantly the island will contain the Azerbaijan Tower.

This tower is expected to be the tallest building in the world, and will cost approximately $2 billion. That amount is just pocket change, considering the entire city is going to cost around $100 billion to make. The buildings on the island are able to withstand magnitude 9.0 earthquakes.

The president of the company, Ibrahimov Ibrahim, told reporters that the city will be like a "new Venice". The project is expected to be finished between 2020 and 2025!



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