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10-12% of Dalmatians are deaf!

Deafness is common in the dalmatian dog breed. Not only are a sizable percentage born deaf, but among those that can hear, many of them (roughly 22%) have unilateral hearing. That means they can only hear through one ear, which makes it harder for them to tell where sounds are coming from.

Organizations like the Dalmatian Club of America advocate putting down deaf dalmatian pups with the hopes that this will, in the future, eliminate dalmatian deafness. Many people object to this practice. While deaf dogs can be hard to raise and keep safe, it turns out that they can still be trained. They can even learn sign language!

Here's the DCA's position on destroying deaf dalmatians. They also have more about unilateral hearing and the genetics behind dalmatian deafness.

A new furry species of crab has been discovered.

Back in 2006, Michel Segonzac found the crab while on a deep-sea expedition off the coast of Easter Island, near Chile. The crustacean, nicknamed the "Yeti Crab," was stumbled upon more than a mile and a half below the surface near some hydrothermic vents. The creature is so unusual that a new taxonomic family had to be invented for it!

The purpose of the silky white hairs that coat its arms are still a mystery, however. Scientists believe the crab may use these fibers to trap bacteria as food. Another theory is that the bacteria may filter out the toxic substances that are released by undersea vents.

Facebook paid $8.5 million to acquire the domain name ''.

So yes, instead of typing in "," you can just type "" and save yourself a few seconds every day! This transaction is even more ridiculous considering that back in 2005, the social network only had to pay $200,000 for the rights to "" (back then they were known as TheFacebook!).

In case you were wondering, the previous holder of the domain wasn't an incredibly shrewd domain squatter. It was actually held for a long time by the American Farm Bureau Federation, who owned to redirect to their actual website,

For more info, check out this Mashable article.
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The oldest living organism was a 250-million-year-old bacterium.

The prehistoric germs were discovered encased inside a salt crystal 1,850 feet underground near Carlsbad, NM. Fossils and radiation tests showed that the sample was around 250 million years old during the end of the Paleozoic Era, a time when the world was experiencing its largest loss of life ever! The organisms were revived from a state of suspended animation and had survived as a spore, metabolizing very little, if at all, over the centuries. DNA tests showed that the ancient bacteria are related to modern-day Bacillus, a type of bacteria found in soil, water and dust.

This story is pretty old, but you can still read about it at CBS News.

A teenager from Tampa sleeps with a pet tiger.

17-year-old Felicia Frisco has taken care of her 100-lb Bengal tiger "Will" since the day he was born! Though Will weighs more than a full-grown Rottweiler and is one of the most lethal killers on the planet, he sleeps with Felicia in her bed every single night. The reason Felicia is allowed such an exotic and dangerous pet is because her family has raised and trained wild animals for generations.

Her parents run a program called "Tiger Encounter," into which Felicia's pet will be entered after his first birthday. He will then be used to educate the public about the plight of tigers in the wild. Until that time, Felicia Frisco gets to cuddle with one of the scariest stuffed animals you'll ever see!

Check out the ABC article for the whole story and make sure to watch the video too!

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