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How do you get an Olympic gold medal? Make sure everyone around you keeps quiet!

People may equate secrecy with top government programs, mobsters, and the CEOs of their favorite technology companies, but it turns out that being a snowboarder also requires a little privacy—especially when you're looking to take on the world.

Shaun White knew those issues, and went to great lengths to ensure a surprising run to go for the gold.

White was always competitive. He even kicked out his roommate and fellow snowboard star Kevin Pearce when he started beating him, creating a huge rivalry.

It was obvious he took this seriously, which was great for the Olympics but maybe not so great on his personal relationships.

He trained in his own secured pipe for the Olympics, keeping curious eyes away from his inventive tricks and stunts. He even made his girlfriend sign an official binding non disclosure agreement about his secret pipe and what went on in his training hours. Lips were sealed.

Luckily, the most awesome tricks we see in the sport today are not only because of the secretive training, but also because of the rivalry that went on between White and his former roommate.


A crash reversed a paralympian’s paralysis!

Monique van der Vorst, a 27-year-old from the Netherlands, was formerly a paralympian athlete as a hand cyclist. After a collision, when a bike hit van der Vorst, she ended up in the hospital and began to feel a tingling sensation in her legs. Slowly, she began regaining movement in her legs, and after many months of rehabilitation, she gained the ability to stand and walk for the first time in more than a decade! 

Van der Vorst had been paralyzed since the age of 13. Before the accident that restored her ability to walk, van der Vorst was training to be a part of the 2012 Paralympics in London. Because she can now walk, she can no longer compete in the Paralympics as she had been training for, a career she misses. 

Able-bodied, van der Vorst has worked hard to relearn how to ride a traditional bike. She has joined the Rabobank cycling team and is working hard to catch up to the other athletes on the team. It’s her goal to compete in the 2016 Olympics. 

78% of NFL players are bankrupt just two years after finishing their careers!

Many people would look at that statistic and think there’s no way any person could blow through hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars in a matter of two years, yet professional athletes consistently fall victim to the same fate: bankruptcy. It’s not just football players either, it’s all sports. 

Just a few renowned athletes who went broke are Terrell Owens, Mike Tyson, Dorothy Hamill, and Allen Iverson! 60% of NBA players have no money within five years of retirement and for some reason the trend is getting worse. Why? There are several reasons. It’s unnatural to receive such large sums of money that professional athletes do in their early 20’s, and many never think of a time when the money will stop coming. 

Unfortunately, many of them are ousted from the sports world much sooner than they expect. The average football career only lasts around three and a half years, and many of the huge signing incomes that are promised are not paid. Another reason is the sense of entitlement many athletes seem to have. 

After being held on a pedestal as near immortals, athletes face a harsh reality when they stop playing and realize they are subject to the same rules as everyone else. Many also develop gambling, alcohol, or drug addictions because they have so much money and end up flat broke in their mid-20’s!


Some awesome lists!

Coca-Cola Became Jealous of Their Sponsor Drinking Pepsi and Terminated Him!

Ronaldinho, a soccer player from Brazil had endorsed Pepsi much of his career.

He had also appeared alongside fellow soccer star David Beckham in commercials.

After signing a deal with Coco Cola in 2011, he was caught in July 2012 sipping on Pepsi during a press conference that was being held about his game.

Ronaldinho is one of the world’s highest players in the game of soccer also known as football. He has also graced many covers of the FIFA video game series including FIFA 04, 06, 07, 08 and 09.

A video of him juggling a football was the first video on YouTube to reach one million views. The video happened because of Nike’s advertising with a boot they had given him.

So next time you see your favorite athletes, bands or celebrities representing some of your favorite brands, think about the brand rivalry that happens behind the scenes!

The world of brand marketing and product placement is a brutal game.


Gold medalist Usain Bolt ate 100 chicken nuggets a day in Beijing! The reason why is odd

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt made headlines when he won three gold medals during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He's widely regarded as the fastest person in the world and boasts numerous records and titles, such as being an eight-time World Champion.

You'd probably expect an athlete like him to eat as healthily as possible, but he had a different idea. While in Beijing, Usain would eat almost 100 McDonald's Chicken McNuggets a day! He was in Beijing for ten days, which means that he ate nearly 47,000 calories worth of chicken nuggets while there!

Why did he have such an extreme diet? He says that he found Chinese food 'odd.' With so many gold medals under his belt, it's hard to argue otherwise!



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