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One man holds 35 unbeaten world records in pole vaulting!

Serhiy Nazorovych Bubka is a retired Ukrainian pole vaulter. He represented the Soviet Union until it's dissolution 1991.Throughout his athletic career he won multiple awards, such as six consecutive IAAF World Championships, Olympics gold and broke the world record for men’s pole vaulting 35 times!

He currently holds the world record of 6.14 meters (20 feet 1 ¾ inches), and the current indoor world record of 6.15 meters! Sergey Bubka has set 35 world records in the progression of pole vaulting’s highest mark. The only time he lost his outdoor record, he immediately reclaimed it on his next run, moments later.

Neither Bubka’s indoor or outdoor records have been beaten in nearly 18 years! The fact that most of the time the record he improved was his own, demonstrates his absolute dominance in the event.When you love something, you will always give your everything to become the best.


The U.S refused to take the silver medal in the 1972 Olympic Games!

Team USA was a big favorite to win basketball gold at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Americans teams had won the gold at every Olympic competition to that point, and boasted an overall record of 55-0 Olympic play.

Led by future pros like Bobby Jones, Doug Collins and Tom Henderson, the Americans cruised through the opening round, and then crushed Italy, setting up a gold medal matchup with the Soviet Union.

Things were pretty tense, between the USSR and the U.S back then because of the Cold War. Winning at everything against the other country was vital to both. The final match was very controversial; it was a tight game from start to finish.

The USSR scored on the very last second on a play that the U.S considered unfair. To this day the U.S team refuses to collect their silver medals.


China would not let Yao Ming go to the NBA unless he was drafted first overall!

Yao Ming is a retired Chinese professional basketball player who played for the Houston Rockets of the NBA. He was the tallest active player in the NBA measuring 2.29 meters (7 ft. 6 in.)!

After negotiating with the Chinese Basketball Association and his team to secure his release, Yao was selected by the Houston Rockets as the first overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft. Yao announced his retirement from professional basketball due to a series of foot and ankle injuries which forced him to miss more than 250 games in his last six seasons.

Yao Ming had a hard time trying to get to the NBA, especially since China would not let Yao Ming go to the NBA unless he was drafted first overall! However the Houston Rockets accepted their demand and drafted him first!

Yao is one of China’s best-known athletes, with sponsorships with several major companies, and he is also one of the most famous memes around the web!


Some awesome lists!

Larry Bird gave Chuck Pearson one of the most amazing trash talks in sports history!

Famous basketball player Larry Bird was known for his trash talking. There were multiple examples of him taunting other players and boasting.

On one Christmas day, he was playing a game against the Indiana Pacers. Before the game, he told one of the members of the Pacers, Chuck Person, that he had a Christmas present for him.

During the game, while Person was sitting on the bench, Bird shot a three pointer right in front of him. When he released the ball, Bird turned to Person and said "Merry f*%#ing Christmas!" The shot went in.

Bird wasn't entirely unprovoked though. Prior to the game, Person, who was nicknamed "the Rifleman," had said "the Rifleman is coming, and he's going Bird hunting."


A baseball games contain about 18 minutes of baseball!

The Wall Street Journal decided to conduct an experiment to see how much baseball was in a baseball game. The results? A 3-hour baseball games contains about 18 minutes of actual baseball action. The Journal said that they clocked in everything that could be remotely considered action – every pitch and things like fake pickoff throws and home run trots.

So, what makes up the rest of it? About 50% of the time (1:14:49) is down-time between pitches. Some more (33:39) is batter switching and 42:41 elapsed between innings. American seem to like their slow sports: The Journal also conducted an count a few years ago where they found Football has 11 minutes of action per NFL game.



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