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A Colombian soccer player was murdered for scoring an ‘own goal’ in the 1994 World Cup!

Soccer fans (or should I say "futbol") take the sport very seriously. Too seriously judging from the after events of a 1994 World Cup match between the United States and Colombia.

During the game, which Colombia was expected to win, one of their players, Andres Escobar, accidentally scored on his own goal.

This gave the Americans a 1 - 0 lead, and they went on to win the game 2 -1 knocking the Colombians out of the World Cup.

After Escobar returned home to Colombia, he was gunned down. Three men attacked him as he was leaving a night club and shot him 12 times.

According to eye witnesses, the shooter said "goal, goal" every time he fired. Escobar later died in the hospital.

Escobar was not the only one targeted. The day the team played the United States, the Colombian coach and assistant coach received faxed death threats against their family.

Colombians, Americans and members of the international soccer community were horrified by the violent and pointless death.


When the US hosted the World Cup, they spent $30 million. Next year, Brazil will spend $14 BILLION!

The World Cup is a global extravaganza. As they say, soccer is the world's sport, and millions tune in to cheer for their country.

Over the years, the cost of hosting this epic event has been creeping steadily upward. Of course, it depends on how much infrastructure the hosting country already has in place.

In 1994, when the United States hosted the World Cup, it cost them about $30 million to pay for stadiums, transportation, security, etc.

Just four years later in 1998, France spent $340 million. In 2002, South Korea and Japan dished out a cool $5 billion, and Germany forked over $6 billion in 2006. The trend halted briefly when South Africa spent a mere $4 billion.

Brazil, who will host the World Cup in 2014 will likely spend $14 billion on preparations and the actual games.


Baseball managers yell nonsense at umpires to boost team morale but avoid getting thrown out of the game!

Whenever we watch a game of our favorite sport we get very excited.

Sometimes we yell at the television, sometimes we yell against other people around us, and if we are at the stadium we yell at the players, the coaches and pretty much anything we can think of.

If we feel that way outside the field, it’d be easy for you to imagine how the coaches and the players feel inside.

As a professional baseball manager you are not really allow to lose your temper, especially since they are paying you good money for having someone to throw you out of every possible game.

Baseball managers sometimes yell nonsensical things at umpires (e.g. "I had bad wine at an Italian restaurant") to invigorate their team, while keeping themselves from being thrown out of the game.


Some awesome lists!

Sweden made it into the 1938 World Cup quarterfinals only because Austria pulled out when it was being invaded by Germany!

The World Cup is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of FIFA.

The championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. The current champions are Spain, who won the 2010 tournament in South Africa.

The 1938 World Cup was Sweden's second qualification for the World Cup. In the first round, they were scheduled to play against Austria, but after the Germans occupied the nation of Austria could not continue playing in the tournament. Instead, Sweden went straight to the quarterfinal match against Cuba.

In the semi-final match against Hungary, Sweden lost. Sweden's next match was the 3rd place match against Brazil. In that game the Swedes lost, and ended in 4th place for the first and only time in Swedish football history.


An American relay athlete broke his leg during an Olympic race. He finished and qualified for the finals!

Manteo Mitchell is an American track athlete. He specializes in 200m and 400m runs and is a member of the USA team that won the gold medal in the Men's 4x400 meter relay.

He had a relatively late start to his career, as he didn't start running track until high school. Nevertheless, he went on scholarship at Western Carolina University and there he broke numerous school records.

At the 2012 US Olympic trials, Mitchell qualified for the Olympic team by finishing 5th in the 400m.

At the 2012 Olympics, he ran the first leg og the heat for the 4x400 meter relay. Later, he revealed that he broke his fibula at the 20m mark.

He still finished in 46.1 seconds and that let his team for the final! The team ended up being silver medalists in the event.



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