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I couldn't believe just how healthy drinking watermelon juice can be

There are countless benefits from drinking watermelon juice! Watermelons are made up of 92% water and are therefore very hydrating. Juicing fresh watermelons allows your body to absorb all of their nutrients rapidly and easily. Despite it being 92% water, it also contains vitamin A, B1, B6, C, beta-carotene, lycopene, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and chlorophyll.

The juice can detoxify your entire body, cleansing your kidneys, bladder, and gallbladder. It is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure and promotes a healthy heart. Drinking watermelon juice lowers the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis and macular degeneration.

Watermelon is also rich in the amino acid l-citrulline, which is fantastic for relieving muscle soreness. A study has investigated the potential of the juice as a functional drink for athletes. In the study seven athletes were supplied with 500 ml of natural watermelon juice which contains 1.17 g of l-citrulline, an enriched watermelon juice which contained 4.83 g of l-citrulline plus 1.17 g from watermelon, and a placebo. Both watermelon juices helped to reduce the recovery heart rate and muscle soreness after 24 hours.

Watermelon also contains high dosages of lycopene which has shown to be effective in reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other cardiovascular complications.


This South Korean figure skater started skating when she was five, and never finished off the podium until she retired!

Kim Yuna is a retired South Korean figure skater. She was born on 5 September 1990 and started skating when she was five years old. Her coach at the time, Jong-Hyeon Ryu, was so certain that she would become a world-class figure skate, that he strongly advised Yuna’s mother to let her continue skating.

Kim won her first gold medal in figure skating in 2002 at the Triglav Trophy in Slovenia. Since then this remarkable athlete has never finished off the podium! When she was 12 she became the youngest skater ever to win the senior title at the South Korean championships. In 2004-2005 she won 5 medals and landed her first triple-triple jump at the 2005 World Junior Championships, earning 158.93 points and the silver medal.

Kim made her senior international debut at 2006 Skate Canada where she won a bronze medal. At the 2007 World Championships she set the highest short program score ever under the ISU Judging System and consequently, a world record with 71.95 points.

In total, Kim Yuna has been on the podium 53 times in her career! In February 2014 Yuna competed at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, where she won an Olympic silver medal. She also announced that the Olympics would mark the end of her competitive skating career.


Bobsledding was accidentally invented by adventurous English tourists. This story is crazy!

Bobsledding is a relatively modern sport. Well, modern in the sense that it did not evolve just post-dinosaur! The first formal bobsled competition was held in 1884. But how did it all begin?

We have a few jolly British lads to thank for that! English tourists decided to stay at a mineral spa in the town of St. Moritz during winter after the hotelier ‘sold’ the idea to them to avoid another long season of empty rooms.

The more adventurous of his English guests became rather bored and adapted boys’ delivery sleds for fun. They attached two sleds together with a board and attached a steering mechanism to the front sled. They proceeded to speed down the village’s roads, lanes and alleys, frequently colliding with unsuspecting and, I am sure, very surprised pedestrians.

It took a couple of years of pedestrian peril before the hotelier built a special track where they could safely (at least from the pedestrian point of view) practice their fun. This first natural ice half-pipe track was built in 1870 and it is still in operation! The name of the sport appeared when competitors adopted the technique of bobbing back and forth inside the sled to increase its speed.


Some awesome lists!

The mascot at a school for the deaf in Arkansas is the leopards. They are The Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards.

The Arkansas School for the Deaf has become a tradition in the State of Arkansas. It was founded in 1850 in Clarksville, Arkansas by Augustus Ward, and was the first school for the deaf to be established west of the Mississippi River. In 1898, Dr Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, visited the school together with his deaf wife.

ASD periodically offers classes in American Sign Language for friends and family members of deaf children and will being providing podcasts in June 2014 on topics such as alphabet, color words, family signs, feelings, and much more.

A low student-to-teacher ratio means that each student receives individual attention. Most classes have less than 8 students. ASD is a leader in educational technology in the state of Arkansas. All students are encouraged to participate in after-school activities.

The mascot for the school's sports teams is the leopard. Get it? They are the leopards who are deaf — the Deaf Leopards! Quite the sense of humor! The Deaf Leopards are members of two different athletic conferences: The Great Plains Schools for the Deaf (GPSD) and The Arkansas Association of Christian Schools (AACS). The school participates in football, volleyball, basketball and soccer. They also have an enthusiastic and very attractive cheer squad! Go Leopards!


Golf + Soccer = FootGolf. And It's Awesome...

With a new course opening in Illinois this summer, FootGolf is the latest crazy golf variation, following closely on the heels of other sports like Frisbee Golf. It's been around "since forever", according to the American FootGolf League.

In the game, you play golf with a soccer ball, almost exactly like regular golf on a much larger scale. The game has spread to over 30 countries, and each one does have slight variations on the rules. Some countries even have man-made obstacles in the way, sort of like FootMiniGolf.

In 2012, the first world championship was held in Hungary. Unless you live close to a course, your best opportunity to play would probably be on a visit to the city of sin, Las Vegas. There's a full sized course there.



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