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The Ironman Triathlon was created to settle an argument!

The title of the most athletic person in the world is one that will probably never be given out, yet ways to settle the debate have been put forward since ancient times. Perhaps one of the most famous recent ones is the Ironman Triathlon!

Created in the late 1970’s, the original idea arose from an argument during the awards ceremony for the O’ahu Permiter Relay where many different runners and swimmers were present.

While the two groups argued over which took more athletic skill, someone reminded the group that Sports Illustrated had recently declared the Belgian Cyclist Eddy Merckx held the record for highest oxygen uptake, making him the most fit man in the world.

One thing turned in to another and eventually a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle race, and a 26.2 mile marathon were the result to settle the matter!


A High School swim team got their championship taken away because one girl shaved too late!

The strange punishment for "improper shaving" actually has a good intention behind it.

The actual rule is that contestants may not shave any part of their body after they arrive at the competition facilities.

The reason behind it is that if they let them do it, the chances of people sharing razors, and using unsafe blades goes up, as does the chance of blood transmited diseases.

Still, in this case, it was one girl who did this, and it cost her team the championship after they had won it. What do you think? Should they have made an exception in this case?


Aaron Rodgers has photobombed a picture at every football game he has attended!

The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers has a very interesting tradition. When the team captains pose to take a post-game picture every week, he always steps in on the background. His facial expression changes every week as well. Some pictures, Rodgers flashes a smile over one of the captain's shoulders. Other weeks, he makes a funny face! To see all of Aaron Rodgers' photobombs, go to

Some awesome lists!

The World Chess Federation does anti-doping tests on players!

The World Chess Federation along with the International and National Olympic Committees all want everyone to play fair.

They take extra measures to make sure the sport of chess is a fair and clean game upheld by the greatest integrity. They encourage and work to ensure the health of all their competitors.

So, they do drug tests on players when they want to. They accepted the World Anti-Doping Code and it's International Standards.

The spirit of sport is the essence of Olympism and is described as the celebration of the human body, spirit, and mind.

It is characterized as the ethics, health, character, fun and joy, education, courage, self-respect, and so on of sports.

The World Chess Federation seek to uphold the spirit of sport, and by doing so, they do anti-doping tests. So, even if you play chess, and no physical sport, you'll still be checked for drugs.


There was a rugby player famous for fingering other players in the butt!

Everyone wants to leave a legacy, few people ever do. But would you rather not leave a legacy, or be known as 'the guy who kept putting his thumb up people's bumholes during professional Rugby games'? That is just the case for John Hopoate. Poor guy.

Originally from Tonga, Hopoate began playing in the Austrailian Rugby League for Wests Tigers in the year 2000. However, in 2001, he found the lowest point in his career. He being taken to the rugby league judiciary where he was being charged with unsettling several his opponents by inserting his finger into three players' anuses.

Hopoate tried to defend himself by saying that he was trying to give the other players a wedgie with his fingers and that he believed "what happens on the field should stay there." Rugby sounds a lot like Vegas.



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