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The British swam the breaststroke until 1873 and when a Native American won a swimming competition using the forward-crawl in 1844, they called the method "barbaric".

Swimming only became a competitive sport in the 1830's in Britain. The first swimming pool was opened for public use in 1828.

In 1844 a swimming competition was held in London, and that event turned the British idea of 'civilized' swimming completely on its head.

British gentlemen only used the breaststroke when swimming. They did not like submerging their heads under the water and certainly preferred as little boisterous splashing of water as possible.

It so happened that two Native American swimmers participated in the 1844 event and they swam a variant of the front-crawl - which proved to be much more effective than the breaststroke.So much so that the winning medal went to "Flying Gull' who completed the 130 foot length in a mere 30 seconds!

'The Times' of London wrote a very disapproving report of the event.

They felt that the amount of splashing produced by this stroke was "barbaric" and "un-European". They described it as an unrefined stroke with the arms "like a windmill" and also said that the kicking of the legs were unregulated and "chaotic."

Even though the Native American stroke proved to be faster and more successful, the British continued to only swim breaststroke until 1873, when a variant of the forward-crawl came into use, but was named the side-stroke and involved much less splashing.


In 1928 the New York Rangers' coach was forced to play goalie, and he saved 18 out of 19 goals - leading his team to victory!

On 8 April, during the Stanley Cup finals of 1928, the New York Rangers were playing against the Maroons when their starting goaltender, Lorne Chabot, was hit in the face by a puck and suffered an eye injury.

At that time teams did not commonly have back-up goaltenders, and the opposing team's coach had to allow a substitute goaltender. T

he Maroon's coach, Eddie Gerard, refused to allow Ottawa Senator's star Alec Connell or minor-leaguer Hugh McCormick (who were both in the stands) to substitute for Chabot.

Lester Patrick, who was the coach for the Rangers at the time, inserted himself into the game as goaltender.

Doing so he set a record for the oldest goalie to play in the Stanley Cup as he was already 44 years, three months and nine days old!

Patrick saved 18 out of 19 goals on the day, and the Rangers secured an overtime victory!

The league allowed the Rangers to use Joe Miller from the New York Americans in goal for the following three games.

Patrick resigned as coach for the team in 1939 and became general manager. He retired as general manager in 1946 and finally stepped out of the game in 1950 when he resigned as vice president of Madison Square Garden.


The Canadian ice hockey team was considered to be so dominant in 1930, that it did not even participate in the knockout rounds and was put straight through into the gold medal final!

Since 1859 the national sport of Canada had been lacrosse, but in 1994 it was declared the national summer sport, and hockey was declared the national winter sport.

But honestly...does anyone really think of lacrosse when they think of Canadian sports? Most people have always known for its passion for ice hockey.

The Canadian ice hockey team was considered to be so dominant in 1930, that it did not even participate in the knockout rounds of that year's World Ice Hockey Championships and was put straight through into the gold medal final!

The tournament was therefore played in order to find an opponent for the Canadian team for the gold medal match.

Germany beat Switzerland 2:1 in the final and that is when Canada made its first appearance. The Canadian team then beat the German team with an embarrassing score of 6:1 and won the gold.

The first World Ice Hockey Championships were played in 1920. Canada won gold in 1920, 1924 and 1928 at both the Olympics and the World Ice Hockey Championships during those years, which is probably why the Canadian team was considered dominant enough to only play the final game.

Of the 67 times that the Canadian team played at the World Ice Hockey Championships between 1920 and 2007, they won the gold medal 24 times.


Some awesome lists!

A man created a sport that combines boxing gloves with TASERS!

Mixed martial arts are the current king of the fighting hill. Michael Alexander decided it wasn’t interesting enough, however, and upped the ante. Michael designed fighting gloves that have 3 million volt tasers sewn into them. The new and improved sport is called “ShockFighting.” 

It has the same rules as mixed martial arts with the punching, kicking, and grappling with the added benefit of being shocked. The fighting isn’t all that impressive to watch. The sound of the crackling electricity when they actually make contact and connect with a punch is slightly disturbing. Alexander calls the fight style the ultimate art of extreme fighting. 

The sport is widely illegal and unpopular as it is pretty sick to jab someone with a taser over and over again. The fighters involved aren’t that great, either, since real fighters aren’t sick enough to want to taser their opponent to win. It isn’t he classiest form of fighting, let’s just say that. 


This tennis player had one thing holding her back: her boobs!

World famous tennis pro from Romania, Simona Halep, wasn't always top ranking. She suffered plenty of losses that kept her in the lower rankings.

Lucky for her, she managed to find the one aspect that was holding her back and fixed it right away. The issue? Her big breasts.

At 18 years old Halep was rocking a 34DD bust, not an easy size to have running around on the tennis court.

She made the choice to get reduction surgery done to become a much more manageable 34C. She cited that the weight of her larger breasts were really bothering her, as well as suffering from back pain and hindering her ability to move quickly on the court.

Her first appearance after her surgery was at the French Open in May 2010. It seems her decision worked because she managed to move up in the world ranks over 450 places from then on.

As of July 7, 2014, she is ranked 3rd in singles, her best placement to date.

That's great she managed to right what was bothering her game, but how mortifying to have to have a press conference on the subject!



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