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Why do so many professional baseball players fear softball pitcher Jennie Finch?

You'd think that professional baseball players wouldn't be afraid to face a girl. You'd be wrong though. Of course, the girl in question, Jennie Finch, is a force to be reckoned with.

Finch is a former softball player who pitched for the Chicago Bandits and the US National softball team. In 2004, she and her team won a gold medal at the Olympics and then went on to win a silver at the 2008 Games.

After Finch retired from softball, she signed on as a cohost of "This Week in Baseball." The show included the "Jennie Challenge" where Finch would pitch to MLB players.

And often, she would strike them out. This happened often enough that some refused to go up against her. As Cal Ripken Jr. Said, "Many feel it could be embarrassing."

The pitcher's mound in softball is closer so Finch's pitches are the equivalent of 98 mph. Finch also said that she will throw softball pitches that the players have never seen before so it surprises them.


A high number of NFL players go bankrupt 2 years after retiring. You’ll be shocked to learn how many.

Many people would look at that statistic and think there’s no way any person could blow through hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars in a matter of two years.

However, professional athletes consistently fall victim to the same fate: Bankruptcy. It’s not just football players either, it’s all sports.

There are several reasons. It’s unnatural to receive such large sums of money that professional athletes do in their early 20’s, and many never think of a time when the money will stop coming.

Unfortunately, many of them are ousted from the sports world much sooner than they expect. The average football career only lasts around three and a half years, and many of the huge signing incomes that are promised are not paid. Another reason is the sense of entitlement many athletes seem to have.

After being held on a pedestal as near immortals, athletes face a harsh reality when they stop playing and realize they are subject to the same rules as everyone else.

Many also develop gambling, alcohol, or drug addictions because they have so much money and end up flat broke in their mid-20’s!


A professional athlete had a disciplinary hearing for some pretty mild trash talking! You'll shake your head when you read what he said.

Does snooker count as a sport? It airs on sports channels sometimes, so we are going to assume that it's a sport. (If you don't know, snooker is a game very similar to pool / billiards).

Anyway, in 1996, a snooker played named Ronnie O'Sullivan was brought to a disciplinary hearing for saying that he played better with his bad hand than his opponent did with his good hand. He was being charged with basically being cocky and insulting his opponents.

Well, Ronnie played the World Champion Runner Up three different times, each with his bad hand while his opponent used his good hand.

As it turns out, Ronnie wasn't lying when he said he played better with his bad hand than his opponents do with their good hand, because he beat the Runner up for the World Championships 3 times in a row.

Not long after, the disciplinary committee dropped the charges against him. Ronnie would go on to win multiple world champion titles!


Some awesome lists!

The record for deepest Freedive with no air or fins is 66m deeper than the max allowed for recreational scuba diving!

Scuba diving is dangerous enough. If you don't get the Bends by ascending too fast, you could just run out of air and never make it to the surface at all. However, free diving may be even more dangerous.

Free diving uses none of scuba's equipment (fins, air, etc.) But instead relies on a single breath of air and the diver's own physical prowess.

The record of deepest free dive without fins is 101 meters set by William Trubridge in 2010. Trubridge successfully completed the dive at Dean's Blue Hole in Long Island, Bahamas. The Blue Hole is one of the largest sinkholes at 202 meters.

A video of Trubridge, who started freediving at the tender age of 8, shows him descending into the black depths of the hole on only one breath of air and then returning back up to the surface. He wears goggles, a swim cap and a wet suit but otherwise uses no equipment.


A golfer was killed by his own club he threw in frustration!

Keep calm and just breathe, don’t let the anger take control over your. Anger can be harmful; it can even lead you to death.

A teen-ager who hit a bench with his golf club in a fit of frustration was killed when the club's shaft broke, bounced back and pierced his heart.

Jeremy T. Brenno, a sixteen year old, was playing golf with some friends when he struck the bench with his No. 3 wood after missing a shot.

Several doctors who were at the golf club administered emergency medical treatment to Jeremy before he was taken to the hospital. He was declared dead upon his arrival to the hospital.



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