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Dave Grohl was honored by his hometown with the world's largest drumsticks!

Dave Grohl's hometown of Warren, Ohio is incredibly proud of their musical prodigy.

As the drummer for the band that defines the 1990s, Nirvana, and the front man for the incredibly popular modern rock group, Foo Fights (among dozens of other musical projects), Warren has plenty of reasons to gloat.

The way they ended up honoring him, though, may be the most appropriate showing of love ever.

Sure, he got his own alley named after him back in 2009, but that's nothing compared to the record-breaking drumsticks.

In 2012, the town presented Grohl with a pair of 900 pound drumsticks that were made of log wood.

The town didn't reach out to Guinness to claim their world record, so technically having the world's largest drumsticks is still unofficial—but it couldn't have happened in a more fitting place.

Grohl tweeted about the honor, saying: “To the wonderful city of Warren, from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you all so much... For the childhood memories. For my family. For my very own alley. For the world's largest drumsticks! And for all of your support... But most of all for being such a great community. One that makes me proud to say... I am from Warren, Ohio!”


Guillermo del Toro lost his notebook with four years' worth of planning for 'Pan's Labyrinth' in it, in a London cab! Luckily the determined cab driver saved the day

Imagine working on something for four years and then watching it drive away from you because you forgot it in a taxi in a foreign country!

Guillermo del Toro experienced that horrible, sinking feeling first hand.

The Mexican film maker has a habit of writing all his ideas down in leather bound notebooks and he did exactly that with his thoughts surrounding ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’—a movie about a child’s fantasy set in the wake of the Spanish Civil War.

The notebook contained four years’ worth of planning and sketches around the plot and character deign for the movie. It was the foundations of the entire project.

Del Toro tried to run after the British taxi, but to no avail. He jumped in another taxi and asked the driver to follow the one driving off with his hard work, but they could not catch up with it.

Luckily the cabbie noticed the journal on the back seat of his cab. He found a scrap of paper with the logo of the hotel Guillermo was staying in printed on it. There was no name or address for the hotel, but he went to work finding the owner of the leather bound journal.

Two days later he returned the notebook to Del Toro who was so delighted that he tipped the driver $900!

Until that day he was not even sure if he was going to make the movie, but after the kind act of the taxi driver, he believed it was a sign that ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ had to be made.


Jim Carrey has only done one sequel in his career. He refuses to do any others!

Jim Carrey, one of the comedic front men of the 1990's and early 2000's has starred in a plethora of movies that were instant classics such as 'The Mask', 'Liar Liar' and of course, 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'.

Despite sequels being almost instant cash grabs, Jim Carrey has only ever starred in a sequel to his films, as he starred in two Ace Ventura films.

Sources claim that Jim Carrey has too much integrity to do a sequel to his movies, because he doesn't want to essentially make the same movie a second time.

The only sequel Carrey starred in was still very early in his career and he was looking for any opportunity to make a name for himself!

Some other notable actors (for the most part) that refuse to do sequels despite pressure from executives are Bill Murray (without counting Garfield and Ghostbusters), Will Ferrel (without counting Anchorman 2), and surprisingly, Adam Sandler!

Although Sandler has released enough awful movies in the past few years that maybe he should consider starring in sequels to his classic hits.


Some awesome lists!

The 1980 movie 'The Blues Brothers' had a budget that included cocaine!

We all know making a movie requires a budget.

From paying the caterers and hair stylists to making sure the leading lady has everything she needs in her trailer and then, of course, paying the cast and crew.

And that is not even half of it.

The budget for filming the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’ had an added extra. There was a budget for cocaine!With John Belushi on set, it had to be quite a substantial budget, at that.

The cocaine was supposed to be limited to night shoots to bring Belushi to life at night, but the cliché “everybody did it”, has been mentioned—particularly by Dan Aykroyd.

Dan says he himself had it under control—never using to such an extent that “I wanted to buy it or have it.”

Belushi, however, had a serious problem and he knew it. He would disappear off set and once Aykroyd found him in a stranger’s home, sleeping, after having raided the man’s fridge!

Apparently he told his wife Judy: “I’m fine. I can’t stop now until I finish the movie. It’ll be fine when it’s over.”

Unfortunately Belushi never managed to kick the habit and he died of an accidental overdose in 1982.


Bob Marley's album 'Legend' is the best selling reggae album ever produced. 25 million copies were sold worldwide by 2003!

The legendary reggae star, Bob Marley’s album ‘Legend’ has been on the charts for seventeen years (914 weeks) by 2010.

The album, released in 1984, outperformed catalog albums by bands like Journey with 755 weeks, ABBA by 416 weeks and The Beatles by 351 weeks!

Marley has also been at the top of the iTunes chart in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Legend was the most downloaded album in 19 of the 22 listed countries on iTunes. As a matter of fact, the only countries in which he does not top this chart are Japan, Sweden and Denmark.

Bob Marley’s Legend has retained the title of the second longest charting catalog album on Billboard. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is the only album that charted longer at 944 weeks at number 12. Legend charts at number 10.

Legend is a greatest hits collection of singles in the original vinyl format. It is the bestselling reggae album of all-time. More than 13 million copies of the album were sold in the United States and about 25 million copies were sold world wide.



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