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Neil Flynn's character 'the Janitor' was supposed to only appear in the first episode of Scrubs. Why did they keep him?

When Neil Flynn auditioned for 'Scrubs,' he was aiming for the role of Dr. Cox, but he was given the role of the Janitor instead. Flynn was originally only supposed to appear in the first episode entitled 'My First Day,' but he was so popular in the role that he became a regular character only known as the Janitor. The Janitor devotes much of his energy to menacing the young Dr. John "J.D." Dorian in this TV show.

Although his role in Scrubs was the most visible at that point, he had other smaller roles in TV shows and movies, including That '70's Show, Baby's Day Out, CSI, My Boys, Seinfeld, and Smallville. He filmed a pilot for The Middle, but signed a second position one-year deal for Scrubs season nine in case The Middle wasn't picked up. The Middle was picked up but he still made a guest appearance in the season nine premiere of Scrubs.

Neil Flynn performs regularly with his improv group Beer Shark Mice. Voted Chicago Improv Festival's Ensemble of the Year and considered one of the best long-form improvisational groups in the country, the cast boasts an impressive list of credits, both collectively and individually. The cast includes veteran comedians Mike Coleman, Pat Finn, Pete Hulne, David Koechner and Paul Vaillancourt.


When he went for the audition, Dean Norris thought 'Breaking Bad' was a comedy. So how did he get the part?

When Dean Norris auditioned for the show 'Breaking Bad', he thought it was a comedy. When he read the audition script he thought it was rather funny. When speaking about his role as Hank to Conan, he referred to it as being a "black comedy."

When he went for the audition, he wasn't sure how to play it. He says: "I was like, conflicted. I was like, well this is funny to me, but I could tell… well, my agents and whoever said it is a drama. So I said no, I'm gonna go with my gut and I'm gonna make it funny. So that's what we did."

Despite the fact that the writers did not have comedy in mind when developing the character of Hank Schrader, Norris' comedy angle actually led him to portray a deeper and more multi-faceted version of the character.

Fans responded really well to this complex character and one fan writes: "Hank really strikes me as one of the most tragic characters. He's similar to Walt/Heisenberg in that he has a facade he puts on with all of his bravado, but deep down, he's really not such a big bad ass."

It seems that Dean's initial confusion about which genre the show fell under was, in fact, a blessing in disguise.


In the 1986 movie 'Labyrinth,' David Bowie had a stand in juggler! The way they filmed it is insane...

In the movie Labyrinth, the sphere juggling scene shot in the girl's bedroom is one of the magical scenes in the film. Jareth, the elven king, played by David Bowie, juggles multiple 'crystal' spheres to enchant Sarah with his powers. But David Bowie couldn't juggle—and he didn't!

The film makers used the hands of master juggler, Michael Moschen. What makes this an incredible fete is the fact that Moschen had to lean down forward behind Bowie to stay of camera, put his arm through under Bowie's arm, and juggle five spheres in one hand blindly! He could not see his hand nor keep his eyes on the objects he was juggling!

David said: "I had fun. I found it rather amusing. I don't think Michael Moschen had fun though. It was agonizing for him." A stand-in for Bowie was brought in so that Michael could practice between takes. Bowie was very patient during filming as the scenes had to be shot again and again (quite a few times) before Michael could perfect his blind juggling.

It was backbreaking work for Michael Moschen, but the finished product is an absolute masterpiece! Labyrinth has become a cult film since it's release in 1986.


Some awesome lists!

Christian Bale modeled his character Patrick Bateman from American Psycho on a famous A-list actor. Find out who, and why!

Christian Bale was looking for a way to create the character of Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho (2000)' he saw Tom Cruise's appearance on David Letterman and decided to model the character on Cruise's very intense friendliness "with nothing behind the eyes." The entire character was modeled to that.

It is interesting to note that Tom Cruise is actually featured in the novel. He lives in the same building as Bateman and they meet in the lift. Bateman then gets the name of the movie 'Cocktail' wrong and calls it "Bartender."

Christian Bale was warned that it would be career suicide for him to play the lead in such a film and this made him even more eager to play the part. He spoke in an American accent at all times while filming, even off set. When he began to speak in his own British accent at the wrap party, the crew thought he was practicing an accent for another film. They thought he was an American!

Rolex agreed that everybody in the film could wear their watches except Bateman. That is why they had to change the famous line in the book "Don't touch the Rolex" to "Don't touch the watch."


Louis CK and Nick Swardson dropped their agency thanks to Carlos Mencia. What happened?

'Fear Factor' presenter and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan outed Carlos Mencia as a joke plagiarist at a Comedy Store show. On the video of the event published on YouTube, a number of comedians blame Mencia for stealing their jokes, but Mencia adamantly refutes the accusations. Carlos' argument becomes noticeably shaky as the feud progresses.

Unfortunately Mencia carried enough weight with the Gersh Agency that represented both the comedians, and Joe was instructed to apologize for calling Mencia a thief. Mencia gave them an ultimatum and said he would leave the agency if Rogan does not apologize. Joe Rogan left the agency by choice as a result, because he refused to apologize.

Gersh Agency did, however, not get away unscathed with such unethical behavior. Louis CK left them for telling Joe to apologize, and so did Nick Swardson. It is reported that a lot of other big name clients have also left them or are in the process of finding a new agency.

Joe Rogan developed a huge following because he had the guts to stand up against Mencia. Carlos, on the other hand, had a storm break out over his head, is clouded in controversy and ended up in therapy.



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