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The man who plays Wilfred was nominated for the dog performer-only Golden Collar awards!

Yes, there are awards for most anything.

This is the first year where the Golden Collars are being awarded as a prize for the best performances by dogs in Hollywood.

This year's winner was Uggie, the dog from "The Artist."

The amusing part about this is that actor Jason Gann was nominated. He stars in both the Australian and American versions of Wilfred, a show he created and stars in as the title character, a dog.

Wilfred also stars Elijah Wood. He's the only one (along with the viewers) that can see Wilfred, not as a four legged buddy, but as a man in a dog costume. (Source)

Hunter S. Thompson once almost killed Bill Murray by tying him to a chair and throwing him in a pool

‘Where the Buffalo Roam’ is a 1980 semi-biographical comedy film which loosely depicts Hunter S. Thompson's rise to fame and his relationship with Chicano attorney and activist Oscar Zeta Acosta. The film stars Bill Murray as Hunter Thompson.

Murray and Thomson became friendly over the course of filming. At one point they engaged in a series of dangerous one-upmanship contests.

It quickly escalated and after many drinks and after much arguing over who could out-Houdini whom, Thompson tied Murray to a chair and threw him into the swimming pool.

Murray nearly drowned before Thompson pulled him out.

Thomson was brought to the set for consulting, but he said he only really walked around and fired guns.

One thing he was good for, though, was showing Bill Murray how to be him, leading by example. Within two weeks of Thomson being on set, Murray had transformed into him.

So much so that when Murray appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ starting its fifth season, he was still in character, complete with long black cigarette holder, dark glasses, and nasty habits.

'Billy,' said one of the writers, echoing several others, 'was not Bill Murray, he was Hunter Thompson. You couldn't talk to him without talking to Hunter Thompson.'"


Emma Watson is the most dangerous thing you can search on the Internet

The cybersecurity firm McAfee, famous maker of anti-virus software just conducted its anual celebrity survey. They measure how likely it is for someone to land on a page filled with viruses, malware of phishing scams when they search for a particular celebrity's name. 

The firm said that Emma Watson had made it all the way to the top, with EIGHT out of every TEN search results being malicious links. This was a first for Watson, who supplanted Heidi Klum at the top (Klum also dropped out of the top 20). The rest of the top 20 includes names like Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes and Selena Gomez. Notably, there's only one man in the list... Jimmy Kimmel. 


Some awesome lists!

Master of suspense, Stephen King said Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter is the greatest villain since Hannibal Lecter.

Stephen King is a world famous novelist probably best known for his ability to create truly frightening fiction (that typically adapts very poorly into films). Some of his better known works include The Shining, The Running Man, It, Misery, The Green Mile, and the Shawshank Redemption, and the Dark Tower series. 

While he was writing as a book reviewer for Entertainment Weekly back in 2003, he noted that the success of any novel is due to a great villain, while pointing out that Umbridge was the “greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter.” Dolores Umbridge is a large antagonist in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A sizeable portion of the book is focused on her gradual, relentless takeover of Hogwarts and the struggle of the main characters to push against her. 


Neil Diamond’s inspiration for the song “Sweet Caroline” was JFK’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy!

As a young man, Diamond was struggling in the songwriting business when a photograph of the president’s young daughter got his attention. “It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony,” Neil said, “It was such an innocent, wonderful picture, I immediately felt there was a song in there.”

Some years later, Diamond finally found that tune in a Memphis hotel, where he penned both the music and lyrics in less than an hour! The singer had never discussed the identity of his young muse until 2007, when he performed the song via satellite for Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s 50th birthday party. “It was a No. 1 record and probably is the biggest, most important song of my career, and I have to thank her for the inspiration,” admitted Diamond, “I’m happy to have gotten it off my chest and to have expressed it to Caroline. I thought she might be embarrassed, but she seemed to be struck by it and really, really happy.”


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