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In the Disney movie Hercules, the only character without a Greek name is Hercules.

Hercules, one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, was released in 1997. Roughly based on Greek legends, the story follows the young son of Zeus as he attempts to become a god like his father. However, what is odd about the movie is that Hercules is the only character with a Roman name! Disney named all the main characters after their Greek counterparts from mythology, such as Zeus, Hades, and Pegasus, yet refrained from naming Hercules his Greek name, Herakles. Disney claimed the name was more recognizable among fans. (Source)

Super Mario Brother 3 Never Really Happened!

The prior game Super Mario Bros 2 (USA version) was all a dream. It also seems that the 3rd game in the series might have been all a stage play! Check out the image below. Some say it's speculation but we're convinced. What do you think?

One real life James Bond won't go back home until England gives it up! Find out about his struggle.

James Bond can do just about anything from taking down the largest terrorist organizations to talking up any hottie with a suave swagger.

It's a bit of a shame that one James Bond, Sean Connery, won't go back to his home country until they manage to gain back their independence. That seems like something James Bond should be able to pull off!

Sean Connery really knows how to hold a grudge.

Scotland started as an independent country, founded sometime in the Early Middle Ages around 843.

The English promptly started invasions and military aggression, justifying it with plenty of reasons, including some far out myths.

They eventually entered into a personal union with the kingdoms of England in 1707, thus the Kingdom of England became the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Sean Connery is from Scotland, but refuses to visit from his home in the Bahamas until Scottish independence is achieved.

He feels they are "within touching distance" of it and need just a little kick. To help, he has been one of their biggest supporters, providing donations to the Scottish National Party, aiding in their best effort to become an independent nation.


Some awesome lists!

The star of Full Metal Jacket received a military promotion after he retired!

It's tough for a movie to portray war well. It's a feeling that can't be captured in words or images, but some directors manage to get pretty close, and make their mark.

Such is the case with Stanley Kubrick's “Full Metal Jacket,” starring real life United States Marine R. Lee Ermey, who managed a promotion even after his career ended.

Ermey was in the Marine Corps for 11 years where he spent time being a drill instructor for troops that spent a couple tours in the Vietnam War.

He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant but soon retired after sustaining injuries in 1971. In 2002, he was granted an honorary promotion, post-military career, to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. This made him the first retired military personnel to be promoted in the history of the Marines.

He studied drama thanks to the help of his G.I. Bill benefits where he was given the feature role in Francis Ford Coppola's “Apocalypse Now.” He may have escaped the the military and war, but his experience makes him the perfect actor to lead fake troops into battle.


Harrison Ford had some pretty crazy jobs before making it big—including working for the rock band The Doors!

We may know Harrison Ford for his many iconic movie roles such as Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and a butt-kicking president aboard Air Force One now, but things were almost very different for him.

He held many odd jobs before making it big and was even a stagehand for the legendary rock group The Doors.

Ford originally traveled to Los Angeles in 1964 to apply for a job doing radio voice overs. Lucky for us, he didn't get it and eventually started doing bit movie roles that required little to no talking for about $150 a week.

Most of the films he appeared in he wasn't even credited for. He ended up on the bottom of the hiring list after offending producer Jerry Tokovsky.

After being fed up with the roles that were offered to him, Ford decided to take up carpentry, teaching himself the tools of the trade. He used this to support his then-wife and two sons, and managed to secure a job helping out as a stagehand for The Doors to make ends meet.

It was the carpentry skill that led him to build cabinets for George Lucas, landing him a role in “American Graffiti.” The rest is history.



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