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The 1980 movie 'The Blues Brothers' had a budget that included cocaine!

We all know making a movie requires a budget.

From paying the caterers and hair stylists to making sure the leading lady has everything she needs in her trailer and then, of course, paying the cast and crew.

And that is not even half of it.

The budget for filming the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’ had an added extra. There was a budget for cocaine!With John Belushi on set, it had to be quite a substantial budget, at that.

The cocaine was supposed to be limited to night shoots to bring Belushi to life at night, but the cliché “everybody did it”, has been mentioned—particularly by Dan Aykroyd.

Dan says he himself had it under control—never using to such an extent that “I wanted to buy it or have it.”

Belushi, however, had a serious problem and he knew it. He would disappear off set and once Aykroyd found him in a stranger’s home, sleeping, after having raided the man’s fridge!

Apparently he told his wife Judy: “I’m fine. I can’t stop now until I finish the movie. It’ll be fine when it’s over.”

Unfortunately Belushi never managed to kick the habit and he died of an accidental overdose in 1982.


Bob Marley's album 'Legend' is the best selling reggae album ever produced. 25 million copies were sold worldwide by 2003!

The legendary reggae star, Bob Marley’s album ‘Legend’ has been on the charts for seventeen years (914 weeks) by 2010.

The album, released in 1984, outperformed catalog albums by bands like Journey with 755 weeks, ABBA by 416 weeks and The Beatles by 351 weeks!

Marley has also been at the top of the iTunes chart in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Legend was the most downloaded album in 19 of the 22 listed countries on iTunes. As a matter of fact, the only countries in which he does not top this chart are Japan, Sweden and Denmark.

Bob Marley’s Legend has retained the title of the second longest charting catalog album on Billboard. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is the only album that charted longer at 944 weeks at number 12. Legend charts at number 10.

Legend is a greatest hits collection of singles in the original vinyl format. It is the bestselling reggae album of all-time. More than 13 million copies of the album were sold in the United States and about 25 million copies were sold world wide.


Freddie Mercury bequeathed the vast majority of his fortune to his ex-girlfriend, and also entrusted her to ensure that the burial place of his ashes would remain secret.

Freddie Mercury is known for being the lead singer and frontman for the band Queen.

Upon his death in 1991, he left the vast majority of his fortune, as well as his house, in the hands of his former girlfriend Mary Austin. Not only that, but he also trusted her to keep the burial place of his ashes a secret.

The rooms in the mansion are pretty much how Mercury left them. The furniture is even mostly the same.

Things haven’t gone easily for Austin in the years since Mercury’s death. She split with the father of her children, and a later relationship floundered as well.

Austin rarely gives interviews, but does so once in a while to keep the legacy of Freddie Mercury alive. He was a legend and now an almost mythical figure of showmanship.

The legacy of Freddie Mercury is sure to live on.


Some awesome lists!

Morgan Freeman has been nominated for, or has won 29 more awards than movies he starred in!

Morgan Freeman is one of the most loved American actors of all times.

There is just something about him that makes everybody like and respect him. He has a very recognizable golden voice to go with all his charm.

Freeman only really made his big break into the movie industry at the age of fifty with the film ‘Street Smart’ and since then his rise to fame was steady and consistent.

He has starred in 76 films, a number that excludes narrating and voice overs. A clear indication of what a truly brilliant actor he is would be the fact that he was nominated for and/or has won 105 awards—that's 29 more awards than movies he's starred in!

Besides acting, Freeman is also very actively involved in charity work and co-founded the Grenada Relief Fund. He also actively participates in raising awareness of environmental issues.

In 2012 Mr Freeman ranked third on the Forbes’ ‘Most Trustworthy Celeb’ list with Tom Hanks and Carol Burnett first and second, respectively. He was listed 19th on the ‘50 Greatest Actors of All Time’ list.

There is still no end in sight for this brilliant actor and there are rumors that we will see Morgan Freeman in more than one movie in 2015. If previous statistics are anything to go by, he may be nominated for a reward or two for those as well!


Donald Trump sued an author for $1 billion because he called him a millionaire, not a billionaire!


Donald Trump attempted to sue a book author named Timothy O’Brien who claimed Trump really wasn’t a billionaire. Trump sued on the premise of libel, but lost because the court was unable to prove that O’Brien had committed actual malice. In a book on Donald Trump, O’Brien estimated Trump’s worth to be between $150 and $250 million.

Trump filed a lawsuit of $5 billion to prove his point but was obviously unsuccessful. The New Jersey court said, “There were no significant internal inconsistencies in the information provided by the confidential sources, nor was there ‘reliable’ information that contradicted their reports.” Trump’s lawyers say his net worth easily exceeds $7 billion, but Trump has admitted his worth changes based on his mood of the day.



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