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Donald Trump sued an author for $1 billion because he called him a millionaire, not a billionaire!


Donald Trump attempted to sue a book author named Timothy O’Brien who claimed Trump really wasn’t a billionaire. Trump sued on the premise of libel, but lost because the court was unable to prove that O’Brien had committed actual malice. In a book on Donald Trump, O’Brien estimated Trump’s worth to be between $150 and $250 million.

Trump filed a lawsuit of $5 billion to prove his point but was obviously unsuccessful. The New Jersey court said, “There were no significant internal inconsistencies in the information provided by the confidential sources, nor was there ‘reliable’ information that contradicted their reports.” Trump’s lawyers say his net worth easily exceeds $7 billion, but Trump has admitted his worth changes based on his mood of the day.


Game of Thrones started as a story about turtles.

George R. R. Martin is known as one of the most famous current fantasy writers, specifically for his acclaimed series called A Song of Ice and Fire, the first book of which is A Game of Thrones. So popular is the series that, as you likely know, it has spawned a wildly popular HBO series.

Martin has said that when he was a child, he would often buy “dime store turtles,” turtles that came in a plastic bowl with water, gravel, and a fake palm tree. The dime store turtles were the only pets Martin was allowed to have, and so he had half a dozen turtles living in a model castle courtyard in his room.

He started to pretend they were knights, lords, and kings, and soon began writing about the “turtle kingdom.” According to Martin, the turtles died very easily, so he began thinking they were killing each other in sinister plots and wrote this fantasy story about the wars in the turtle kingdoms.

Martin says this was how A Game of Thrones was started. Martin, who has been publishing the series since the 90s, is currently writing the sixth entry in A Song of Ice and Fire. The television adaptation on HBO has received widespread critical acclaim, and is returning for its third season next year.



Ricky Martin is considered a hero in helping ending modern-day slavery!

Ricky Martin is involved in several humanitarian projects including the fight against human trafficking. Specifically, Martin aids children being sold into prostitution and used in pornography. The United States Congress called Martin one of their heroes in the fight to end modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is the slavery of men, women, and children. The trafficking of people often results in selling them for sex or labor. It is becoming the number one type of trafficking, quickly surpassing guns and drugs trafficking.

It is so profitable and alluring, because unlike drugs and guns, a human can be more easily sold again and again. The whole thing is sick. Women and children are the most often trafficked, but make no mistake that this includes boys. Boys and girls are used in sex trafficking and it is hard to capture the perpetrators, because the trafficked victims are constantly moved around. When the children are picked up by police, they are often mistaken for doing the acts willingly instead of being understood as being forced against their will.


Some awesome lists!

Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) has to do all of his own stunts because there is no stunt double his size!

Stunt doubles are a vital part of the entertainment industry. Stunt men and women who are trained in their field, are made to look enough like the actor they are doubling for.

This way, the actor who is, harsh as it is to say, more valuable, in the context of the film or show, won't get hurt.

However, sometimes a suitable stunt double simply cannot be found. Such is the case with Verne Troyer, the actor who plays Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" franchise.

Troyer, who stands at 2 feet 8 inches tall does all his own stunts because it is extremely difficult to find a stunt double the same size as him.

However, Troyer has worked as a stunt double. One of his first ventures into acting was when he was the stunt double for a baby in the 1994 film "Baby's Day Out."


Dave Canterbury from Duel Survivor was fired from the show after it was found out he’d completely lied about his military/survival experience!

In September 2011, Dave Canterbury was fired as the host of the Duel Survivor TV show on Discovery Channel. Canterbury had originally said it was for family and business reasons that he decided to leave the show in a statement in April 2012. Actually, it was finally released that he’d lied about his military and survival experience that landed him the job. He claimed he had survival expertise for 20 years before getting the job on Duel Survivor.

Records showed that he was a factory worker in Ohio up until the year before he got the job with Discovery Channel. He had been in the military in their version of a SWAT team in the Army for six years. He was never a Ranger, Survival Scout, or had any Airborne Training as he had claimed. Neither had he been to Grenada or South America as he had claimed. He’d only been to Korea as an “ID Badge Clerk.



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