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Did you know that Harry Houdini was a true patriot? He hawked war bonds and gave escape lectures to soldiers during WWI!

Show business can lead to trouble and a life of unhappiness, but only if you let it. For some, like Harry Houdini, life is what you make of it, and you never stop using your talents for good.

Harry had always been a sort of patriot,so when WWI broke out it was no surprise that the legendary escape artist would immediately hit the streets just like everyone else was doing in an attempt to assist the soldiers of America and contribute towards to war effort. He began to sell war bonds as often as he could, wherever he was, and even taught soldiers the art of escaping from German handcuffs. He also performed plenty of unofficial shows for the soldiers going to and coming from the battlefields. Surely there were some very grateful soldiers later on.

Of course, the war didn't stop the young magician from studying his magic. All the while he continued to practice and learn new magic tricks. At one point he even performed for President Theodore Roosevelt. Those years, from 1914 to around 1916 were some of the busiest for Houdini. Not only was the escape artist involved in an affair, but he also had a near death experience during a buried alive skit.


U2 finally found what they were looking for: cheaper taxes! Find out more about their tax-evading ways

U2, a Dublin-based rock band known for its philanthropy has recently been facing some criticism. In order for Ireland to encourage more artists to live in their country so they can increase national popularity, there was a tax exemption made. The exemption states that artists who live in Ireland are not required to pay taxes.

There is, however, a clause that says once you earn $315,000, the tax is capped and you must start paying tax for any additional income after that. Once this cap was set in place, U2 moved the financials of their business to The Netherlands to avoid a multi-million dollar tax bill. Not only would they be taxed on royalties, but they would also be taxed on the sales of their new album.

The controversy in this decision is that now Bono hopes that First World countries will increase their aid in order to improve poverty stricken areas. Ireland, a First World country, will now have fewer funds because the taxes that they would have received from artists like U2 are now going to benefit The Netherlands. With Ireland in a recession, this could not have come at a worse time.


Nicholas Cage natural odor is similar to the sweat of a homeless man!

Nicolas Kim Coppola (or Nicolas Cage), is an American actor, producer and director. He has appeared in over 70 films such as National treasure and Kick-Ass!

He was born in Long Beach, California and raised by a Catholic family in which his dad was a professor of literature and his mom a dancer and choreographer. He attended Beverly Hills High School and aspired to act and become an actor. He attended UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and hence Nicolas Cage was born!

Nicolas Cage dated Jenna Jameson at some point in his life, where the porn queen recalls how the Oscar-winning actor smelt like distilled sweat of homeless people! This means that Nicolas Cage has a strong sweat/odor problem!

Just when everyone thought Nicolas Cage was just the perfect man, so perfect that he has been immortalized in memes so that he can live through the web for an eternity. Who cares about his sweat problem? He is still the man!


Some awesome lists!

Sean Connery could have been Gandalf!

For many people Sean Connery was the perfect and logical choice to play Gandalf before it was known that Ian McKellen would play him. In fact, it was reported that Peter Jackson even offered him the role, but he turned it down.

His reason was that he'd never read the J.R.R. Tolkien book and that he didn't understand the script. By turning it down, he lost out on 15% of worldwide receipts from the movie. That would have earned Connery as much as $400 million!

What do you think? Would Sean Connery have made a better Gandalf than Ian McKellen? 


Tron was denied a Special FX Oscar because it used computer graphics!

The original 1982 Tron was a very influential film. It's one of the first films to use computer generated graphics to tell its story. It has influenced people like John Lasseter (creator of Toy Story) and Daft Punk. It's considered to be one of the top 20 cult films of all time. 

The Motion Picture Academy showed incredible short-sightedness when it came to Oscar time. While the movie wasn't considered particularly good outside the special effects, many people thought it deserved a nomination (and a win) for it's effects. However, the Motion Picture Academy REFUSED to nominate it. The movie's director later said that "The Academy thought we were cheating by using computers." 



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