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Fidel Castro has slept with over 35,000 women.

Journalist Ian Helperin learned this from a former employee of the Castro regime, when working on a documentary about the famous dictator. Over the course of 4 decades that averages to at least 2 women every day. This would be even higher than the legendary number of women that Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have bedded (20,000).

Hip Hop had some pretty dark and violent moments. Dr. Dre was the cause of this one!

The rap and hip hop world has had some pretty dark times in the 1990s with plenty of feuds that came to blows in very violent outbursts.

One such case occurred between Dr. Dre and female rapper Denise “Dee” Barnes, also known as D Zire. When an interview went very south.

Barnes interviewed Dr. Dre in 1990 regarding his leaving the rap group N.W.A. At the height of a feud between the members and negatively portrayed them. Later, in 1991,

Dr. Dre encountered Barnes again at a record release party where he physically assaulted her by picking her up by the hair, slamming her head and body against a brick wall, tried to throw her down the stairs, kicked her and punched the back of her head. Dr. Dre's body guard held the crowd at bay by gunpoint.

Assault charges were filed and she brought a $22.75 million lawsuit against Dr. Dre, who pleaded no contest. He ended up being fined $2,500, put on two year's probation, performed 240 hours of community service and produce an anti-violence PSA. The lawsuit was filed out of court.

The incident made Spin magazine's “100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock” at number 37.


The voice of Looney Tunes woke up from a coma, responding as everyone's favorite characters!

Looney Tunes is a lot of things for a lot of people.

For some it's a faint childhood memory filled with characters they'd probably be able to pick out. For others it's the basis of nostalgia, dominating their Saturday mornings for years.

For the voice of nearly every character, Mel Blanc, it may have saved his life.

Mel Blanc suffered a horrible car accident in 1961 on Dead Man's Curve in San Francisco and was almost killed. Instead, he slipped into a coma, going weeks without any sign of recovery or response.

14 days after the accident, the neurologist tried something new: he asked Blanc “Bugs Bunny, how are you doing today?”

A weak voice responded after a few tense moments,”Myeeeeh, What's up doc?”

The doctor continued asking if other Looney Tunes characters were present, including Tweety, as Blanc responded in the iconic voices. He made a full recovery after many months of rehabilitation.


Some awesome lists!

Stargate SG1 star managed to date two of his costars, have children with them, and live!

They say to never dip your pen in company ink, but that didn't deter actor Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1, from fathering children from two of his costars.

Shanks' eldest child is Tatiana, who was born in 1998. Shanks and his on-screen wife, Vaitiare Bandera also known as Sha're, conceived while they had a fling.

Apparently it didn't work out romantically, since the two weren't together long after the child was born.

A few years down the line in 2001, Shanks had a guest-spot on the series Andromeda. He fell in love with the star of the show, Lexa Doig, who would later guest-star in a recurring role for Stargate SG-1. They were married in 2003 and proceeded to have two children, Mia who was born in 2004, and David who was born in 2006.

It was a risky move to make, especially twice, but it seemed to work out since he is the father to three children and married to at least one of the mothers!


Prince, the artist formerly known as Prince, Symbol...Dave Chappelle?

Prince has never been far from controversy over the course of his very colourful career, but his latest stint borders on the downright comical.

His latest single, Breakfast can Wait, features Dave Chappelle impersonating Prince, holding a tray of flapjacks.

Prince was apparently so impressed by Chappelle's impersonation of him on his his show, that he went as far as to use him for the cover art of his latest single.

At first glance, the picture is ridiculous enough, with Chappelle draped in a typically flamboyant Prince outfit.

You could be excused if you missed the tray of flapjacks that he's holding.

Fans of Prince will likely not be swayed by his latest move though, as the artist has always followed the road less travelled all throughout his career. The artwork for the single did draw positive media attention though, highlighting Prince's sense of humour.

The single features on the EP, 'The Breakfast Experience', which was released on 24 October 2104 on iTunes and Amazon.



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