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Johnny Depp helped a girl "mutiny" against her teachers, in response to a letter.

Her letter in full:

Captain Jack Sparrow,

At Meridian on old Woolwich Road we a [sic] all a bunch of budding young Pirates. Normally we’re a right handful, but we’re having trouble mutinying against the teachers! We’d love it if you could come and help!


Beatrice Delap, aged 9, a budding Pirate

PS we have a plentiful supply of Rum!

Depp Captain Sparrow was inclined to acquiesce Ms. Delap's request, so he showed up to her school for the mutiny, dressed in full pirate garb, no less. At the time, Depp was shooting scenes at nearby Old Naval College for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The school was only notified about the appearance 10 minutes before the movie star arrived, but they were good sports about the whole thing. Sound like a cool school; I wish my school had a “plentiful supply of rum”.
(source) is an employee of Intel.

This past January, the tech company signed the Black Eyed Peas frontman as their “director of creative innovation”. As you would expect, the singer is also working on producing some music exclusively for Intel. The partnership is said to marry the two worlds of entertainment and technology for what the company calls “the ultimate experience.” We personally would’ve hired Fergie, but heck, what do we know?

You can read Intel's press release here.

Teenagers who spend much of their time listening to music are more likely to be depressed!

A study from the Pittsburgh School of Medicine compared the depression statistics of teenagers with the amount of time the spend consuming various forms of media. As it turns out, those teenagers who spent the majority of their time listening to music were 8.3 times as likely to be depressed than students who didn’t spend most of their time listening to music.

On the flip side, (and this certain to cause many of our teenage readers to roll their eyes) the adolescents who read books the most were only 1/10 as likely to be depressed. Of course, this limited study can’t make any claims one way or another as to how music and books are related to depression. Maybe excessive music-listening causes depression, or maybe music is just a good coping mechanism for teens who are already depressed. Maybe books lift people’s spirits, or maybe the fact that depressed people have difficulty concentrating on books is a more relevant consideration.

You should make sure to read about the study yourself, and then you can decide.

Some awesome lists!

The animated film The Prince of Egypt is banned in Egypt.

The animated film The Prince of Egypt is banned in Egypt.

Other films banned in Egypt include Sadat, a biopic about the country’s former president (probably for political reasons), Jesus of Nazareth, and Bruce Almighty (both probably for religious reasons). Also, somewhat randomly, Egypt also banned Family Guy, Pokemon, and The Matrix Reloaded. There’s no telling yet whether IMDB will need to update its list of movies (and TV shows) banned in Egypt given the current changing political climate. Egypt was also not the only country to ban the Prince of Egypt. Malaysia banned it out of concern that the movie was “insensitive” to people in the country with different religions.

The first letters of the main characters’ names in Inception can be arranged to form the word ‘DREAMS.’

The first letters of the main characters’ names in Inception can be arranged to form the word ‘DREAMS.’

Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mallorie, and Saito. No way that was on purpose...


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