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Johnny Carson caused a toilet paper shortage all by himself!

Although you might be tempted to think it was because he ate one too many Chalupas, it actually shows the power that TV personalities used to have. In December 1973, he went on his show and he said "You know what's disappearing from the supermarket shelves? Toilet paper? There's an acute shortage of toilet paper in the United States."

His words caused a widespread panic that made people run to the supermarket and buy up all the toilet paper they could find. Although he apologized for this the next day and explained it was all a joke, the hysteria he caused the day before led to an almost 3 week shortage of toilet papers!

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Adam West has a Batman logo on his teeth!

Adam West starred in the Batman TV show that revitalized Batman in the 1960s. According to his biography, he was a Batman fan since very young. He liked the dual action hero / detective aspect of Batman. After a few years of working in a Hawaiian TV show, he finally landed his signature role as Batman in the 1966 show. Since then, he has over 60 movie and 80 TV show credits, including appearing as himself in Family Guy.

Batman is his most iconic role, and it seems like he looks back at it as fondly as his fans do. He had a cosmetic dentist put a little Batman logo in one of his molars! No word on whether it contains some sort of secret spray that gives him fresh breath when he presses the little logo though.


President Obama walked past the N-word on his way to the Oval Office!


Ruby Bridges was the only black girl to attend a white public school in New Orleans, soon after desegregation was official in the 1960s. To commemorate this, Norman Rockwell painted a piece called "The Problem We All Live With," which shows her walking to school, escorted by police officers. Behind her, the n-word and "KKK" are written on a wall.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of her first walk to school, President Obama hung the painting on a hallway outside the Oval Office. It was on display from July - October of 2011. 



Some awesome lists!

A stonemason was told by Disney not to engrave Winnie the Pooh on a child's gravestone because it would violate their copyright!

Companies protecting their intellectual properties is nothing new and every company does it. However, because Disney creates cute and cuddly things for kids, it tends to draw more attention. For example, they once forced a daycare to remove Minnie Mouse from their walls, and they also prevented a carving of Winnie the Pooh from going into a child's gravestone!

One recent exception is an authorized replica of the house from Up! Apparently the director of the movie learned of the house and was a driving force behind letting the man who wants to build it get permission from Disney. Check out the article for details about it.



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